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Crypto Mining Malware Targets Android Devices This Time

Trend Micro, the cybersecurity and defense firm recently detected a new crypto mining malware affecting Android devices. This malware is affecting multiple Android phones due to the ADB developer function enabled by default, as a means to debug apps. ADB ports, once installed it will spread to any system via SSH connection. The botnet takes […]

Australian Govt Employee is Charged

Australian Govt Employee is Charged for Mining Crypto

An Australian Govt employee is charged for using his office computers to mine crypto. This news comes from the courtesy of the Australian Federal police. The alleged employee used his IT contractor access to tweak computer programs. His motive was to use the processing power of the government computer systems to mine crypto. Apparently, he […]


Titan Seeks the Simplification of Crypto Farming

Bloq labs have come up with a new product called “Titan”. This is designed to break down the complexity of the crypto farming processes. Titan focuses on making the set up simpler and to spurt advance blockchain miners for the crypto farm. Titan is basically a web-based mining administrator for huge firms. The user just […]

Honeyminer App

Honeyminer App is Now Officially Available on MacOS

US-based crypto mining startup Honeyminer will now make its presence on the macOS. The Honeyminer app will now become available officially for Macintosh systems. This announcement comes from the official blog post from the firm. According to the release note, due to popular demand, the application was released for MacOS. The app is simple to […]

Hazardous Crypto Mining Apps Found on Microsoft Store

Illegal Crypto Mining Apps Discovered on Microsoft App Store

Symentec has reported that crypto mining apps were found on Microsoft’s app store, which allowed illegal mining of Monero. The app store consisted of eight illegal apps named as Battery Optimizer (Tutorials), VPN Browsers+, Downloader for YouTube Videos, Clean Master+, FastTube, Findoo Browser 2019, and Findoo Mobile & Desktop Search. Though the number of infected computers has not been reported, the company has taken down the apps from its app store.

Mozilla to Block Crypto Mining and Fingerprinting Bug in Firefox

Mozilla to Add CryptoMining and Fingerprint Blocking Feature to Firefox 67

Mozilla has unveiled its plans to add cryptomining and fingerprint blocking feature to its Firefox 67 version to improve the privacy of users. The company has uploaded a mock up explaining the process of adding the cryptomining and fingerprinting detection and blocking features to its Content Blocking feature. The features are claimed to prevent users from in-browsing mining, which creates issues such as theft of energy and increase in bills along with prolonged usage of CPUs.