Crypto hack

Cryptopia Hack

Cryptopia Hack Aftermath: Hackers Begin Transferring Funds

Back in January this year, Cryptopia, the crypto exchange faced a major blow. Hackers hit the firm and got away with $16 million worth of Ethereum. A few days ago the exchange entered liquidation and eventually shut down for good. Everything seems to have finished with the Cryptopia hack incident. However, it’s not over yet. […]

US Crypto Investor Wins Lawsuit

US Crypto Investor Wins Lawsuit in Sim Swap Hacking Case

In the end, justice always triumphs. This statement stands true for Michael Terpin, as the US Crypto Investor Wins Lawsuit in the sim-swapping fraud case. Terpin will receive $75.8 million from accused  Nicholas Truglia of Manhattan in the form of compensation. Back in early 2018, the latter made use of sim swapping technique to steal […]

Binance Will Resume Fund Withdrawals

Binance Will Resume Fund Withdrawals from 14th May: Security Tightened Up

After the Binance hacking incident of last week, the exchange is now getting up on its feet. Tomorrow, ie from 14th of may Binance will resume fund withdrawals and deposits. This announcement comes from Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance on the company’s official blog. Zhao says that his team is working hard on stepping up […]

Binance Faces Security Breach

Binance Faces Security Breach: Hackers Stole 7,000 Bitcoins

Popular crypto exchange Binance faces security breach and in the event, hackers managed to steal 7,000 bitcoins. The anonymous group of hackers withdrew 7,000 bitcoins which has an estimated value of $40,705,000. The exchange says that the crackers used phishing techniques and viruses to gain access to 2FA codes and API keys. Also, they may […]

Shellbot Malware

Shellbot Malware is Back with A New Update and Modus Operandi

The crypto jacking Shellbot Malware is back in the scene again with some new upgrades and abilities. Apparently, it can hack into Linux servers based on a network. The malware usually makes use of SSH brute-force to gain access to systems with weak passwords. It can infect a network and mine the cryptocurrency Monero(XMR). What […]

Cryptopia Hack

Hackers Stole Cryptocurrency Using Microsoft Email Account

Technology has been seeing significant growth and so does the associated vulnerabilities. The blockchain and its associated domains are always the talks of the town. Some times for the amazing features and possibilities it provides and often for the sophisticated crimes associated with it. Speaking of the latter, there have been reports that hackers stole […]

Crypto Exchange Zaif Resumes Trading

Japanese Crypto Exchange Zaif Resumes Trading After 7-months

After the million dollar hacking incident of September 2018, Japanese Crypto exchange Zaif resumes trading, effective today. The normal trading will continue from 23rd April. Sources say that the business will shift from Tech Bureau to Fisco Digital Asset Group (FDAG). All the users who lost their digital money will get compensation from 23rd April. […]