Crypto ban

Central Bank of Laos Prohibits Cryptocurrencies

Central Bank of Laos Prohibits Cryptocurrencies

Probably following the footsteps of the RBI, now Central Bank of Laos Prohibits Cryptocurrencies and related activities. Of course, the blockade is on sales purchase and trading of digital money. Prior to this, the bank has already put an active ban on financial firms from doing any kind of business regarding crypto. The primary concern […]

Reserve Bank of India is Receiving Appeal

Reserve Bank of India is Receiving Appeal to Re-think Crypto Ban

The concept of crypto is seeing numerous experiments and success in various parts of the world. However, its scenario is quite bleak in India. The governing body of banks, RBI has long issued the ban against any kind of dealing with digital money. However, the Reserve bank of India is receiving appeal to consider undoing […]

Coinome Suspends Operation

Indian Crypto Exchange Coinome Suspends Operation Abruptly

Succumbing to government regulations, Indian crypto exchange Coinome suspends operation, effective immediately from 15th of May, 2019. The firm has requested the traders on its platform to withdraw their funds at the earliest. The exchange has tweeted its decision over its official handle. After Coinome’s notice, people are trying to withdraw their assets but some […]

WeChat Bans Crypto Trading

WeChat Bans Crypto Trading As Per its Revised Payments Policy

As per the revision in its payments policy, the popular Chinese messaging application WeChat bans crypto trading on its platform. Following the new rule, merchants using the payment service will not take part in any direct or indirect activity related to cryptocurrencies. This new policy will be effective from 31st May 2019. It is applicable […]

HDFC Bank Warns Crypto Users

HDFC Bank Warns Crypto Users in India: May Freeze Accounts Soon

Indian bank HDFC is rolling out warning e-mails for its customers who are dealing with cryptocurrency. According to a Twitterati, a number of bank customers have been getting mail regarding suspicious transactions of cryptocurrencies. The mail directs the user has to visit the nearest HDFC branch and clarify the particular transaction(s). HDFC Bank warns crypto […]

Indian Will Ban Cryptocurrencies

Soon India Will Ban Cryptocurrencies to Overcome Money Laundering Incidents

Very soon India will ban cryptocurrencies to put an end to incidents of money laundering and illegal fundings. The draft of a bill “Banning of Cryptocurrencies and Regulation of Official Digital Currencies Bill 2019” has been put forward to various departments of the Indian government. Apparently, the new government post mid-2019 elections will receive the […]

Government of India Invites Law Firm to Opine on Crypto Regulations

Government of India Invites Law Firm to Opine on Crypto Regulations

The Government of India has summoned lawyers from Nishith Desai Associates who are currently opposing the crypto banking ban circular proposed by the Reserve Bank of India. The association was asked to give its suggestions for drafting the crypto regulations in India. In response, the committee has prepared and submitted a document which states that India should adopt a balanced regulatory approach to reap the benefits of the technology and escape the risks involved.