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Crypto Entrepreneurs Sue Google, Facebook, Twitter, Made Multiple Demands

Amid Google’s recent crypto advertisement ban on its YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter video-sharing platform. A law firm representing crypto founders. And investors alleging their company was harmed as a result of the ban is now bringing the tech giants to court in Australia. The news of the class-action case that might end up costing hundreds […]

Prime Minister of India awards Harshita Arora for her Cryptocurrency App

Prime Minister of India Awards Young Entrepreneur for Cryptocurrency App

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi awards a young entrepreneur for her cryptocurrency price tracking application. On the other hand, the govt is still deliberating on the country’s crypto policies. Several media rush to the award recipient to find out more about her app. Meanwhile, the RBI is challenged in the SC regarding its crypto […]

cryptocurrencies in india

Cryptocurrencies in India Not Banned; But Don’t Bank on It – Says RBI

The Reserve Bank of India today reveals that it hadn’t banned cryptocurrencies in India but only ringfenced regulated entities like banks. It’s because of the risks associated with the trading of such virtual assets. The central bank of India said this in a response to a petition filed by the IAMAI. Internet and Mobile Association […]

Qatar bans cryptocurrency trading

Qatar Bans Cryptocurrency Trading; May Create National Digital Currency

Cryptocurrency trading bans in Qatar. This Middle East country has a population of over 2.5 million but doesn’t want to adapt to the future of currency. According to the recent media reports, the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) Regulatory Authority says that virtual asset trading remains out of sight from the QFC at this time. The […]

cryptocurrency ban in Russia

Bank of Russia Sticks to Ban on Cryptocurrency Payments

Though cryptocurrency payments are changing the way we transact, there are still many controversies going around its ban. Previously we have come across many fact sheets that describe banks are barred to offer direct access to crypto assets. But the new law implementing at different states and countries have changed the mindset. A piece of […]