DeFi’s growth has been propelled by the increasing popularity of yield farming and Bitcoin tokenization protocols, according to ConsenSys.

DeFi’s Growth Propelled by Yield Farming and Bitcoin Tokenization: ConsenSys

According to ConsenSys, the increasing tokenization of Bitcoin and the advent of yield farming has powered the decentralized finance sector’s growth over the past three months. Ethereum-based DeFi’s second-quarter report highlights the importance of the total amount of tokenized BTC overtaking the volume of BTC on Bitcoin’s own layer 2 scaling solution, the Lightning Network. […]

EY, Microsoft, and ConsenSys launch enterprise platform on Ethereum mainnet

EY, Microsoft & ConsenSys Launch Enterprise Platform on Ethereum

Global taxation and transaction advisory firm EY have announced the launch of their open-source Baseline protocol. Baseline comprises a smart contract and tokenization platform built for enterprises on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Founded by EY in partnership with Microsoft and ConsenSys, Baseline was developed in collaboration with many companies operating in the cryptocurrency sector, […]


Truffle to release development tools for 3 new networks

Truffle, a popular company that creates dev tools for Ethereum has decided to branch out and go beyond the ETH user base. It has announced support for Hyperledger Fabric, R3’s Corda and Tezos. Truffle founder and CEO Tim Coulter announced this at TruffleCon 2019, Truffle’s annual dev conference…

ConsenSys Launches a Job kit

ConsenSys Launches a Job kit: Aims to Help Blockchain Developers

Ethereum’s popular blockchain firm ConsenSys launches a job kit. Apparently, it will help the aspiring Ethereum Blockchain developers enter the market. Introduced on Friday, the kit encompasses everything that is required for blockchain space(learning hubs, links, etc). The kit contains a blockchain knowledge glossary, covering topics like token standards, consensus algorithms, so-dubbed scalability trilemma and […]

Sugar Traders to Implement Blockchain for Supply Chain

Sugar Traders Show Inclination Towards Adopting Blockchain for Supply Chain

After seeing the agricultural shift towards blockchain, sugar traders have started showing their enthusiasm for the distributed ledger technology. With an intent to study the scope of blockchain in the sugar industry, Jamal Al Ghurair, Managing Director of UAE-based Al Khaleej Sugar, had invited the industry’s stakeholders for a meeting held in Dubai. The participants included ABN Amro Bank NV, and Societe Generale SA, and Consensys, a blockchain startup incubator. 

ConsenSys Lists Out 16 Blockchain Games for Earning Money

ConsenSys Lists 16 Blockchain-powered Games That Allow Gamers Make Money

ConsenSys has listed out 16 Blockchain games which use Non-Fungible Tokens on Ethereum that allow gamers play and make money. The blockchain-powered games allow players to buy, sell, trade or exchange these tokens on Ethereum Blockchain, where the NFTs are defined as ERC-721 tokens. The 16 blockchain games were further divided to be placed four different categories.

Three Major Establishments Partner to Use Blockchain for Enhancing Worker Welfare

Three Major Establishments Partner to Use Blockchain for Enhancing Worker Welfare

New America, a non-partisan think tank in the US, Harvard University and Levi Strauss & Co, have collaborated to develop a blockchain-based survey system which aims to enhance worker welfare in the companies. The blockchain-based worker survey system is aimed at providing a transparent evaluation of the working conditions in the factories.

Wordpress Launches New Publishing Platform with Blockchain Features

WordPress Launches New Publishing Platform with Blockchain Features

Wordpress has announced the launch of Newspack, a new publishing platform with blockchain features. The product is funded by Google and Consensys, an Ethereum development platform. According to Consensys, Newspack users will be able to use blockchain-based features offered through its Civil Media platform.