China Telecom's White paper on blockchain smartphones

China Telecom to develop blockchain powered smartphones

The major mobile telecommunication provider China Telecom has released a white paper on 5G blockchain-based smartphones. The 5G internet on blockchain smartphones will enable users to automate and trace certain activities with phones. This release took place at the China International Intelligent Industry Expo…

The central bank of Rwanda

The central bank of Rwanda might roll out its own digital currency

Rwanda, one of the fastest-growing economies in the African region, is looking at how it can benefit from central bank-issued digital currency. Thus, the Central Bank of Rwanda is currently considering the possibility of creating its own digital currency…

China's official digital currency

China’s official digital currency is ready says its central bank

As much as China shows disapproval towards cryptocurrency, it is now introducing its own form of virtual currency. The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has announced that China’s official digital currency (CBDC) “can now be said to be ready”. However, there’s no mention of just when the currency would be ready…

Bitcoin ransomware in China

Bitcoin Ransomware Ryuk Now Threatens Chinese Enterprises

Ryuk, a bitcoin ransomware virus is now targeting Chinese enterprises. It has already gatecrashed over 100 government and private entities in the US and is now behind China. It has victimized the logistic, technology sectors and small municipalities that acquires high data value. It is asking for a ransom of around $5 million in bitcoins.

Chinese police seizes Bitcoin mining machines

Police Seize Thousands Of Bitcoin Mining Machines In China

Chinese bitcoin mining firm has been seized for a spike in local electricity usage. The police have seized around 4,000 bitcoin mining machines from the mining operations. The police allege that the firm has stolen nearly 20 million yuan ($3 million) cost of electricity. The investigators suspect that more than 20 people involved in the mining operation…

Illegal Bitcoin Mines

Illegal Bitcoin Mines in China Under the Government Scrutiny

Apparently, Government authorities in China have spotted illegal Bitcoin mines in the Sichuan region which are set up in various hydropower stations. The land resource Bureau has information regarding these bitcoin mines which have no approval from the government. The entire information about the discovery of such illegal bitcoin mines sources back to a local […] to Get over 200 Blockchain Patents to Get over 200 Blockchain Patents..?

Chinese online business goliath to get over 200 blockchain patents. It has apparently appealed for more than 200 blockchain licenses according to a report. As per the Intellectual Property Center of China Information and Communication, Alibaba has appealed for 262 blockchain licenses. Following it are Chinese web titans Tencent and Baidu with 80 and […]

IBM Succesfully Ships Oranges to Singapore Using Blockchain

IBM Succesfully Tests Blockchain Shipping Platform with Oranges

IBM has successfully completed the shipping of 108,000 mandarin oranges from China to Singapore using blockchain technology. The trial was conducted with an aim to reduce paperwork formalities and shipping costs involved. Pacific International Lines handled the transit using an e-BL, an electronic version of the Bill of Landing developed by IBM Research Singapore, which was processed on blockchain.