A Chinese official indicated that crypto will inevitably be part of the digital capital market.

China Needs to Reform the Crypto Laws, Former Official Says

Xiao Gang, former Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said the country is facing a digital economic transition. So they need to follow the right rules for the fast-growing crypto-market. He spoke at the 19th Pushan Lecture of the China Finance 40 Forum, or CF40, which was held online on 7 July. Several officials addressed […]

For Property E-Sealing Chinese Courts use Blockchain

Several Chinese courts also adopted blockchain technology to secure the properties using electronic seals. The People’s Court Executive Bureau in the Haidian district, Beijing. Reportedly deployed an electronic blockchain seal to secure property in Chaoyang district. E-sealing system applies to blockchain for property protection By implementing blockchain-powered e-sealing, courts can use video surveillance to track real-time […]

Digital Yuan Will Have Trouble Displacing Tether in Asia: Expert

China’s central bank’s digital currency is generally known as a way to challenge the supremacy of the US dollar, not Bitcoin (BTC). Yet acceptance in niches where crypto versions of the dollar flourish can be difficult to find, especially Tether (USDT). Charles Yang of Genesis Block explained at the Unitize panel on Monday why DCEP, […]

Expert: China’s Digital Yuan Will Target the Dollar, Not Bitcoin

Having discovered what cryptocurrency space and blockchain needs, China would strive to compete with the U.S. dollar, not Bitcoin (BTC), with its highly awaited digital yuan. Matthew Graham, a former Chinese investment banker and CEO of Beijing-based Sino Global Capital. Examined what is known about the emerging digital currency so far. And argued that the […]

Chinese Media Outlets Formed Blockchain-Based News Department

A coalition of 12 Chinese media organizations formed on 21 May. To set up a “blockchain-powered news department” with local television stations, local newspapers, radio stations, and web media allied. The group is consists of media companies from all over the country. According to a report by China Email. Moreover, they use 4.0-based solutions and […]

China to Officially Set Blockchain Jobs as a New Occupation

The current coronavirus pandemic is changing blockchain businesses, and its effect on the blockchain industry isn’t all negative. Despite the recent changes sparked by the crisis of coronavirus, China is taking another step towards the adoption of blockchain in order to formally acknowledge employment in the industry. The ministry responsible for national labor policies and […]

Single Chinese Region Accounts for One-Third Global BTC Hash Rate

The Cambridge University’s Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) has launched a Bitcoin Mining Map which provides the average monthly hash rate generated by each country worldwide. Data from the mining pools ViaBTC, Poolin, and inform the map. Cambridge says that the network is the first to deliver a Bitcoin (BTC) hash power distribution regional […]

Bitcoin Below $9K as Us-China Tensions Dent Risk Sentiment

Bitcoin Below $9K as U.S.-China Tensions Dent Risk Sentiment

Bitcoin sold off again at $9,000, as investors expected the launch of a new U.S.- China trade war on top of the market-shattering coronavirus pandemic. The cryptocurrency benchmark dropped 3.09 percent on Monday, a day after it peaked at $9,203, to hit its intraday low at $8,633 in early trading; The downhill step reflected the […]

China Launches Global Commercial Use Blockchain-Based Service Network

China Launches Global Commercial Use Blockchain-Based Service Network

Six months after the beta test is complete. China’s Blockchain-based Service Network — or BSN — is now officially available for global commercial use. Different Chinese government officials. And heads of organizations gathered for an April 25 meeting in Beijing where they announced the BSN’s public launch. The BSN is a global infrastructure that helps […]

Chinese Investors May Invest in Bitcoin in Q2 as Local Funds Cripple

Chinese Investors May Invest in Bitcoin in Q2 as Local Funds Cripple

Bitcoin trading remains prohibited in China, but this has not dissuaded its citizens from pursuing the cryptocurrency as their future investment alternative. This is obvious from the rising quest pattern of the cryptocurrency in the second-largest economy in the world. Google Trends data shows that volume for the keyword ‘Bitcoin’ is expected to hit a […]