Standard Chartered Bank Official Joins Facebook

GlobalCoin Cryptocurrency: Facebook Is In Talks With CFTC

Reports reveal that the social media giant, Facebook has begun discussions with CFTC (U.S. Commodity and Futures Trading Commission) over the subject of its stablecoin initiative, GlobalCoin Cryptocurrency. The conversation is in its rudimentary stage, says CFTC Chairman. The aim of these discussions was to clarify if Facebook’s crypto stablecoin falls under the CFTC’s regulatory […]

Now CFTC can ban Crypto Firm, rules New York District Judge

CFTC has now the power to bar the operations of any company running Crypto purchases and trading of Bitcoin (BTC) and Litcoin (LTC) on faulty grounds, said the district judge of New York, Jack B. Weinstein while rejecting the plea of CabbageTech Corp to self-regulate its commercial operations related to cryptocurrency.