Coinbase signs a new $1.36 million contract with the US Customs Service

Coinbase has been awarded a contract to develop technology for the Department of Homeland Security worth up to $1.36 million. The largest cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase has been contracted to provide “application development software as a service” for the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement division under the terms of the agreement (ICE). Coinbase will receive […]


Coinbase users are enraged with customer support after funds vanish from their accounts

Following reports of user accounts being hacked and funds being drained, Coinbase has been chastised for poor customer service. Thousands of customers across the country have filed complaints against the company, according to a CNBC investigation on Aug. 24. According to the outlet, it spoke with a number of Coinbase customers. Who claimed that hackers […]

blockchain powered, Bazaar

Pakistani blockchain marketplace raised a new record total of $30mn

Bazaar Technologies, a Pakistani blockchain-powered business-to-business (B2B) marketplace, has raised $30 million in Pakistan’s largest Series A round to date. On August 24, Bazaar announced the completion of its most recent funding round, revealing that the round was led by Defy Partners of Silicon Valley and Wavemaker Partners of Singapore. Moreover, Hundreds of other investors […]

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Amber Group, a crypto-finance company, Valued at $1B following a $100M funding raise

Amber Group, a cryptocurrency investment platform, has raised $100 million in a successful Series B fundraising round, bringing its total pre-money valuation to $1 billion. A significant milestone for the company as it enters its fourth year of operations. According to co-founder and CEO Michael Wu. The funds will be used to “expand global operations […]


Following volatile Q3 for XRP, Ripple opens office in Dubai

Ripple has established a regional office in the Dubai International Financial Centre, or DIFC, according to a Nov. 7 announcement. For its “innovative regulations.” the blockchain-based payments firm reportedly chose the location. The DIFC website states that the special economic zone serves more than 2,500 companies. As a “independent regulator” with a “proven judicial system” […]

DeFi’s growth has been propelled by the increasing popularity of yield farming and Bitcoin tokenization protocols, according to ConsenSys.

DeFi’s Growth Propelled by Yield Farming and Bitcoin Tokenization: ConsenSys

According to ConsenSys, the increasing tokenization of Bitcoin and the advent of yield farming has powered the decentralized finance sector’s growth over the past three months. Ethereum-based DeFi’s second-quarter report highlights the importance of the total amount of tokenized BTC overtaking the volume of BTC on Bitcoin’s own layer 2 scaling solution, the Lightning Network. […]