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Browser Brave Launches New Feature

Blockchain Browser Brave Launches New Feature for Twitter

Popular blockchain browser Brave Launches new feature for Twitteratis. This feature will enable a user to directly send tips tweets in accordance with the Brave Reward program. As of now, it is available for Brave Nightly which is the test version of the browser. The announcement of this development comes from the official twitter handle […]

Browser Brave Launches New Feature

Blockchain Browser Brave Will Reward Users for Watching Ads

Blockchain-based browser Brave will reward users for watching ads. With this, the users of brave can earn around 70% of the Ad-revenue for going through the advertisements. This reward amount will be provided in the form of basic attention tokens (BAT). The reason for this initiative is to connect the brands with the people. Also, […]

Blockchain methods

Brave browser counts on Blockchain to verify the identity of publishers

The Brave browser is now using Blockchain based verification service on its platform. Through it, the browser is checking the authenticity of the publishers anonymously. Also, the process is ensuring that publishers are paid for their content. They can connect their Ethereum wallets to get paid for their work.