Samson Mow Will Launch a Gaming Token

Samson Mow Will Launch a Gaming Token on Bitcoin.?

Samson Mow of the Blockstream fame is apparently planning to launch a gaming token on bitcoin. It’s an unlikely act from him as he always criticizes the hype around the crypto token sales. Mow is the founder-CEO of the gaming firm Pixelmatic. A science fiction based game Infinite Fleet will be launching with the aid […]

Security Token Platform

Blockstream Announces A New Security Token Platform

The notable blockchain infrastructure firm Blockstream announces a new security token platform. Its purpose is to issue tokens on Liquid Network which connects financial firms, traders, brokers, and exchanges. This platform goes by the name of Liquid Securities. Blockstream’s new token platform will initiate with the partnership of firms like BnkToTheFuture, TokenSoft, Zenus Bank and […]

Digital Garage Aligns with Blockstream to Offer Blockchain Services in Japan

Digital Garage Forms Joint Venture with Japanese Startup to Offer Blockchain Services

Blockstream, a blockchain startup, has announced the launch of a joint venture with Digital Garage, an early-stage investor and incubator in Japan. The new venture is called as Crypto Garage and intended at developing Bitcoin and blockchain solutions for the Japanese market. Blockstream is said to offer technical expertise supporting the venture’s intent.

Stanford University to Conduct Blockchain Conference in January 2019

Stanford University to Conduct Blockchain Conference in January 2019

Stanford University has announced the organizing of the third Stanford Blockchain Conference. It will be a three days event at the end of January 2019. The conference will primarily focus on issues such as security and systemic risks. Participants will conduct discussions on various technical issues involved in the blockchain.