The United Arab Emirates is debuting a blockchain-based Know Your Customer

Dubai Debuts National Data Platform Powered by Blockchain

This platform is set to become a national system for the exchange of verified customer information. The Economic Development Department of Dubai, or DED. And the state-run bank Emirates NBD are carrying out their so-called UAE KYC blockchain network. 120 Local companies have signed up for Emirates NBD platform The new blockchain platform, first unveiled […]

Guizhou in China Launches Blockchain-Powered Int’l Trading Platform

Another Chinese province announced that a blockchain-powered, cross-border financial service platform is about to launch. Per Haiwainet, Guizhou Province, expected to launch the initiative this month in the mountainous southwest of China. The foreign-exchange administrator of the province is the genius of the site. The administrator said he’s been working on the project with the […]

Blockchain the Answer for Power Provider as China Energy Demand Soars

Blockchain the Answer for Power Provider as China Energy Demand Soars with summer temperatures climbing. And production rising in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, power suppliers in Dongguan, an industrial town in Guangdong province of China, said they experienced a massive surge in demand – and are responding with a blockchain-powered solution. The initiative […]

SBI Launches ‘Digital Token Issuance Platform’ on Corda Blockchain

Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings has unveiled a platform that will enable companies. And regional government agencies to issue “digital tokens” through the Corda blockchain network of the American firm R3. The company said by an official statement its platform is named S Coin. The solution is intended for businesses, it said. But SBI has […]

Otaku Coin Association

Japan Otaku Coin Association Welcomes New Leadership

The Otaku Coin Association formed to connect Japanese animation fans. Has announced leading figures from the anime and the blockchain industry will join its leadership team. Dentsu Japanimation Studio executives and the Hakuhodo Blockchain Initiative will join the Otaku Coin Association (OCA) as new directors. According to a July 27 article in the Japanese news […]

Blockchain Can Help Find a Cure for COVID-19

According to Brandon Mintz, CEO of the crypto ATM network, Bitcoin Depot. The blockchain group is playing an important role in helping to develop pharmaceutical drugs to counter COVID-19. Blockchain will carry immense computing power to validate transactions and create new coins. In an interview with Cointelegraph, Mintz emphasized that the greatest advantage blockchain brings […]

China May Introduce the Blockchain Standards for Financial Firms

According to a new report, China may be on the verge of adopting national blockchain standards to regulate financial organizations in the country. According to media outlet Caixin, an unidentified “authoritative” source reported that a set of “blockchain standards” has been issued by the Central People’s Bank of China (PBoC), which may soon become “industry […]

China Considers Introduction of Blockchain Technology in Equity Centres

Recently, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, or CSRC, released a letter authorizing 5 national stock markets. These will include Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shenzhen equity centers. These and other regions obtained permission in early July to begin experimenting with a blockchain pilot. Blockchain and stock trading The next move for the CSRC is to […]

LG Shows off Blockchain-powered Farming System at Seoul Metro Station

LG Shows the Blockchain-Powered Farming System at Seoul Metro Station

South Korean electronics giant LG built a very public showcase for its blockchain-powered traceability platform. For food and agriculture – at one of Seoul ‘s busiest subway stations. Per Paxnet, LG ‘s telecommunications branch LG U+. And its IT services arm LG CNS have teamed up for the company. Which will see the companies in […]