Blockchain Technology: Saying Bye to Techies for Now to Explore New Horizons

Change requires at every stage. The same thing is now happening in Blockchain Technology. Earlier the technology has been helping techies, project managers, and tech architects only. But now it is exploring new domains to enter viz. banking, healthcare, logistics and more. Blockchain technology has gone far more advanced beyond its association with cryptocurrency. Blockchain […]

Long Blockchain Corp is selling its beverage subsidiary

Long Blockchain Corp Decides to Sell its Beverage Subsidiary

The former Long Island Iced Tea Corp, currently dubbed Long Blockchain Corp is entering into a definitive agreement of selling its beverage subsidiary. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Long Island Brand Beverages is popular for making iced tea and lemonade under the “Long Island” brand…

Blockchain Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Law for Blockchain Startups

As a blockchain startup, a fundamental knowledge of intellectual property law is a must. A legal team or consultant is an important part of any growing company, but companies can save a lot of money and grief by understanding the basics from the very start. This article will cover the essential things to know about intellectual property and the blockchain.

Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera Hashgraph Launches Public Mainnet Beta

Hedera Hashgraph, a DLT project that is popular for being a competitor of Blockchain has launched its mainnet beta. The mainnet beta is open to anyone from the general public unlike how it was previously, only accessible to developers who were building on the platform…