Blockchain Tracking System

Austrian Production Firm to Launch Blockchain Tracking System

Lenzing which happens to be one of the world’s foremost fiber producing country is going to embrace blockchain. Soon, it will set up a blockchain tracking system for its supply chain of fiber. The announcement comes official from the website of the Austrian firm. Apparently, the fiber producer is teaming up with TextileGenesis, a blockchain […]

First Public Listing

SprinkleXchange Will Reveal its First Public Listing in June

Bahrain based Ethereum powered exchange SprinkleXchange will list its first public listing in June. The announcement comes from the firm’s CEO in an interview. He says the listing will cost similar to that of a Swedish stock exchange. The pricing will be set using the Dutch auction method. However, it brings global access and better […]

Blockchain-Empowered Yuan

Blockchain-Empowered Yuan Can Rise Governmental Supervision

On May 17, Dovey Wan, a founding partner at Primitive Ventures, an investment firm notes on a blog post that the Blockchain-empowered Yuan may permit the supervision of China. It may enable the government to have a great administration over both home and overseas economies. Albeit, the Chinese government has put restrictions over the cryptocurrencies […]

OverStock CEO Sells Founder's Share

OverStock CEO Sells the Founder’s Share to Invest in Blockchain

Patrick Byrne, the CEO of OverStock has sold almost 15% of his share. He justifies this move saying he wants to invest in blockchain projects. As the OverStock CEO sells the founder’s share, it led to a stir among the investors. Byrne happens to be the largest shareholder of the firm.  However, the CEO mentions […]

New Competition for Cosmos, Polkadot and Plasma

New Competition for Cosmos, Polkadot and Plasma..?

“A single blockchain network cannot meet a wide array of business prerequisites.” says the developers at Ontology blockchain network. It seems the latest multichain design of Ontology will give new competition for Cosmos, Polkadot, and Plasma! Different business requires different blockchains designs and highlights, a blog of Ontology reads. It says separate blockchain additionally needs […]

Facebook Opens New FinTech Firm

Facebook Opens A New FinTech Firm: Hints at the Elusive Native Crypto

Taking one step further towards its secret stablecoin project, Facebook opens a new fintech firm. The social media giant’s new firm goes by the name Libra Networks. It’s similar to the trademark name which Facebook acquired last week. The information comes from a company registration filing on the Geneva Commercial Register. As per the registration […]

Blockchain App HOOXI

UN Signs MOU with NGO to Implement Blockchain App HOOXI

To take a stand against climatic issues, United Nations is partnering up with W-Foundation. The latter is an NGO from South Korea and both parties have signed up a Memo of Understanding(MoU). Basically, the agreement focuses on the use of Blockchain App HOOXI. This app belongs to W-Foundation. It will influence its user to take […]

Blockchain Bond Transaction

World’s First Blockchain Bond Transaction Initiates

Thanks to the partnership of World bank and CommBank, now we have the World’s First Blockchain Bond Transaction. The joint venture has enabled secondary market trading recorded on the blockchain for the bond-i debt instrument. World bank mentions of this achievement in its official press release. This development credit goes to CBA which worked hand-in-hand […]

Samsung will Launch Blockchain Features

Samsung will Launch Blockchain Features on its Budget Smartphones

Soon Samsung will launch blockchain features for its budget range of smartphones. So, more people who have an interest in crypto can make good use of their phones. The Korean smartphone giant will introduce its native digital wallet app on its mid-range devices. As of now, the Samsung Blockchain Wallet app is available on its […]

Kakao Announces Blockchain Platform Launch

Korean Internet Company Kakao Announces Blockchain Platform Launch

The popular South Korean Internet company Kakao announces blockchain platform launch in June 2019. The announcement comes from its blockchain division Ground X. The platform goes by the name Klaytn mainnet. Last year Kakao put up the testnet version for Klaytn. It will mostly work on decentralized apps. Kakao definitely has big plans to break […]