Blockchain technology

Facebook Opens New FinTech Firm

Facebook Opens A New FinTech Firm: Hints at the Elusive Native Crypto

Taking one step further towards its secret stablecoin project, Facebook opens a new fintech firm. The social media giant’s new firm goes by the name Libra Networks. It’s similar to the trademark name which Facebook acquired last week. The information comes from a company registration filing on the Geneva Commercial Register. As per the registration […]

HTC Announces 2nd Generation Blockchain Phone

HTC Announces 2nd Generation Blockchain Phone: Name Revealed

Finally, HTC throws some light on its 2019 blockchain phone. A few weeks ago we did mention the possibilities of HTC launching a new blockchain smartphone this year. True as per the words, HTC announces 2nd Generation Blockchain Phone which will have the name Exodus 1s. It will be the successor to the 2018’s HTC […]

Blockchain Hackathon

First Ever Blockchain Hackathon Launched in India

India sees its first-ever blockchain hackathon as Conduent Inc. is organizing this series of blockchain related application developments. Conduent has teamed up with HackerEarth to initiate this event. It aims to bring together about 2.5 million developers who will create blockchain powered solutions. The first leg of this blockchain hackathon flagged off on April 12th,2019. […]

Blockchain Medical Tools

Tencent Joins Hands with Waterdrop to Develop Blockchain Medical Tools

Internet and gaming giant of China, Tencent joins hands with the crowd-funded insurance company Waterdrop to develop blockchain medical tools. Recently, Tencent collected around 500 million yuan as part of waterdrop’s funding. Still, the company is looking for more investment. It is targeting an amount of almost $1 billion which it will use to develop […]

Largest Port of Europe will Test Blockchain

The Largest Port of Europe will Test Blockchain based Trading Platform

Soon the largest port of Europe will test blockchain based application. We are talking about the Port of Rotterdam which will be implementing blockchain for energy-trading. The blockchain system is getting its finishing touches. Soon, in the coming months, it will be open for testing. It is developed by BlockLab which is a blockchain developer. […]

New Rules for Cryptocurrency Users

Canadian Energy Regulator Presents New Rules for Cryptocurrency Users

Canada based energy regulatory Régie de l’énergie is introducing new rules for cryptocurrency users. As per the new regulations, power company Hydro-Quebec has to allocate 300 megawatts (MW) of energy to the blockchain industry. This allocation will be adding up with the pre-allocation of 158 MW and 210 MW power. This previous power allocation comes […]

HTC Announces 2nd Generation Blockchain Phone

Second Generation HTC Blockchain Phone Will Launch Soon

Soon, smartphone enthusiasts will experience a brand new second generation HTC blockchain phone. Taiwan based smartphone maker targets to introduce the new phone around the second half of 2019. The information comes from Phil Chen, Decentralized Chief Officer of HTC from his addressing at an investment forum held on 26th of April. Chen says that […]

Blockchain Powered Customer Service

IBM Will Provide Lenovo with Blockchain Powered Customer Service

Thanks to IBM, now Lenovo will now provide Blockchain powered customer service. Both the firms have entered into an agreement on this. To be more specific, Lenovo will implement blockchain tech to monitor the supply chains of hardware and software used in its data centers. Along with the blockchain, the system will implement a virtual […]

Saudi British Bank Launches Global Payment System

Saudi British Bank Launches Global Payment System Powered By Ripple

As a part of the strategic plan towards digital transformation, Saudi British Bank launches global payment system. This is a cross-border transfer service which uses blockchain technology powered by Ripple. This news was revealed at the Financial Sector Conference recently held in Riyadh. Saudi British bank joined hands with Ripple way back in January 2018. […]

Marco Polo Blockchain

Japan’s Largest Bank Will Launch Trade Services Based on Marco Polo Blockchain

In a recent seminar, Japan’s third-largest bank SMBC revealed that it will soon launch trade Services based on Marco Polo blockchain. The information comes from Vice Chairman of SMBC, Yasuyuki Kawasaki. He says the bank will soon provide services for import and export companies on a global scale. These services will make use of the […]