Blockchain technology

Blockchain Honey Sustainability

Oracle and World Bee Project Team up to Develop Blockchain Honey Sustainability QA System

Notable tech giant Oracle has joined hands with World Bee project to develop a blockchain honey sustainability assurance system. Both will work together to launch a brand called “BeeMark”. This label will work on to provide a guarantee that a particular label of honey has been extracted from eco-friendly sources…

Public Blockchain and Private Blockchain

Difference Between Public Blockchain and Private Blockchain

Blockchain, as we know, is a decentralized technology that records the transactions continuously into an immutable ledger. However, you must know that blockchain can further be segregated into public blockchain and private blockchain. A public blockchain is an open network where anyone can join as well as read and write data to the blockchain…

Blockchain Credential Rating Service

Fujitsu Launches Blockchain Credential Rating Service

The Japanese tech giant Fujitsu has come up with a blockchain credential rating service. This system also generates trustworthy transactions and verifies only required personal details. Every single info about the user is not required to go under verification. When users in a blockchain will rate each other, this system…

Blockchain in Telecom

Possible Implementations of Blockchain in Telecom

Blockchain, the latest sensation with decentralized technology is busy marking its presence in every industry out there. While every domain is experimenting with blockchain, why the telecom industry will be left behind..? There have been many proposals for implementing blockchain in telecommunication. There are also many use cases put up by experts…

Use of Blockchain in the Music Industry

Use of Blockchain in the Music Industry: Implementations and Challenges

Though blockchain has been disrupting various domains around the world, still it has a number of industries left to conquer. Blockchain’s growth has been steady but powerful enough to positively change the functioning of the industry it enters. The decentralized technology has been the talk of the globe and has managed to attract many firms to experiment on it…

Blockchain Can Disrupt the Gaming Industry

How Blockchain Can Disrupt the Gaming Industry

Blockchain, as we know, has gradually been forraying into various public domains. This includes major sectors such as banking, medicine, production supply, law and order, agricultural sector, etc. There are firms that are busy building blockchain platforms and providing it to the other big and small players of various domains…

Blockchain-based Social Media Networks

Top 5 Blockchain-based Social Media Networks

Social media has now become a primary part of the life of every individual around the globe. There is barely a soul that is not immersed in the virtual realm of social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. With each passing day, millions of people from different corners of the world are getting into all kind of social media available around them..