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Blockchain in Higher Education! Eyeing To Produce Visionary Students

Blockchain in higher education! How does it sound to you? It sounds amazing to us. Blockchain discovered a world of unstoppable creativity. As a result, it is tirelessly evolving the use of technology. Because of which bringing new possibilities to help the world with greater discoveries no longer seems a dream anymore. Earlier we have […]

Blockchain Experts Required

Blockchain Experts Required: PBoC’s Hiring

People’s Bank of China (PBoC) opt for Shenzhen Fintech Research Institute to work on its blockchain project. The institute made an announcement for blockchain experts requirements on its official website. A following disclosure about the announcement states that a total of 29 jobs opening is present. The recruitment is, especially, in search of cryptography engineer […]

Chamber of Digital Commerce Collaborates with BAC to Enhance Blockchain Adoption

Canada’s Chamber of Digital Commerce Merges with Blockchain Association

Canada’s Chamber of Digital Commerce has merged with the Blockchain Association of Canada to form a new entity that will focus on developing a strong blockchain ecosystem in the nation. As per the press release, Tanya Woods, Executive Director and Policy StrategistĀ of BAC, has been appointed as the Managing Director of the Chamber of Digital Commerce Canada.

WISeKey Opens Blockchain Center of Excellence in Geneva

WISeKey Opens Blockchain Center of Excellence in Geneva

WISeKey, a Switzerland-based blockchain and cybersecurity company, has opened a Blockchain Center of Excellence in Geneva, to focus on Fintech domain. The center is intended to promote the research and development of blockchain. As per the company, the opening of the center is the result of its partnership with the Blockchain Research Institute, which also aims to come up with more centers in the US, China, India, and Africa.