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New Study: Blockchain in Healthcare Industry Will Save Billions of Dollars

Blockchain in the healthcare industry may not be the ultimate solution to tackle the challenges. But it certainly has the potential to save billions. Of course, the question may arise in your mind how? It is possible by optimizing the current workflows and disintermediating some high-cost gatekeepers. The new study claims. The global blockchain technology […]

Vereign Launches Blockchain-Powered Solution for Email and ID Security

Vereign launches Blockchain-Powered Solution for Email Security and Identity Management

Vereign has announced the launch of beta version of a blockchain-powered email security and identity management solution to reduce malware and scams that travel through email. The solution is a browser plugin that activates a security layer in email clients, office programs, and chat apps that will add confidentiality and authenticity to online communication without hampering the workflows.