Blockchain payment

Blockchain Billing System

Korea Post will Soon Implement Blockchain Billing System

South Korea’s central post service, Korea post partners with crypto exchanges of the country to implement a Blockchain billing system. Together the South Korean government and local private companies will work on the new project. The private companies include Coinplug and global IT firm NHN. The implementation will be operational under the Ministry of Science and ICT. […]

First Cross Border Blockchain Payment

Singapore Central Bank Completes First Cross Border Blockchain Payment

For the first time ever in its history, Singapore Central Bank completes its First Cross Border Blockchain Payment along with Central bank of Canada. Apparently, both the banks have paid each other digital money via the blockchain network.  The Monetary Authority of Singapore (BAS) used the distributed ledger technology(DLT) to transfer funds to the Bank […]

xrp text blockchain

Ripple’s New Ad on XRP Text Mocks the Outdated Payment System of Banks

Ripple has managed to create yet another hype after releasing an advertisement of its instant messaging payment system, XRP Text by mocking the current outdated payment system of banks. The advertisement shows how banks could better serve their customers better on instant payment system by hopping on a plane to transport cash from one place to another.

combank blokchain

ComBank joins with Ripple to create Blockchain-powered Transfers

The Commercial Bank of Ceylon has recently announced its collaboration with Ripple Blockchain for improving the transfer process. The leading bank of Sri Lanka eyes to enable virtually instant and super secure inward and outward blockchain technology-powered settlements to take place.