Blockchain in India

blockchain-based solar energy trading

India Partners with Australia to Pilot Blockchain-based Solar Energy Trading

Blockchain-based solar energy trading initiatives confirm that blockchain will soon enter into the energy sector. According to new findings, India plans to take the initiative first. And thus, the country seeks help from an Australian blockchain energy company Power Ledger. If this plan of India goes successful, then energy will be redefined by blockchain applications. […]

Blockchain based banking platform

India’s Central Bank Will Implement Blockchain Based Banking

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is developing a blockchain based banking platform to facilitate banking processes. RBI’s research and development branch have undertaken the move. The new platform will cater to banking needs and will host various blockchain applications. The launch will take place sometime in 2020…

Dapp Fest 2019

India’s First Blockchain Capital is All Set to Disrupt the Scene

Telangana is soon going to be India’s first blockchain capital. It is all set to break into the scene with new possibilities. The state government has drafted a blockchain policy to offer regulations and policy support for blockchain startups in the city. This will majorly help in reflecting India’s position in the global scenario. As […]

Reserve Bank of India is Receiving Appeal

Reserve Bank of India is Receiving Appeal to Re-think Crypto Ban

The concept of crypto is seeing numerous experiments and success in various parts of the world. However, its scenario is quite bleak in India. The governing body of banks, RBI has long issued the ban against any kind of dealing with digital money. However, the Reserve bank of India is receiving appeal to consider undoing […]