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Formula 1 open tokenized crate sale on ethereum blockchain

Formula 1 Open Tokenized Crate Sale on Ethereum Blockchain

F1 Delta Time, the Ethereum-powered blockchain game has begun to sell in-game item crates. Players are now able to purchase a collection of cars, parts, drivers, and racing gear with the ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFT), according to F1 Delta Time official announcement from Feb 25. The sale will run through March 9, with 6,500 total […]

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Ethereum Is Leading the Field in Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain gaming is promising many benefits for the gaming industry. The immortal technology is changing the way we live in more ways than one. So, the biggest companies are beginning to adopt it while even governments are now studying how they can leverage it to become more effective. However, there’s a multibillion-dollar industry that’s ripe […]

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Ubisoft to stimulate Gaming using Blockchain Technology

Yet again, the gaming giant, Ubisoft has taken a leap in the field of the blockchain. Ubisoft has become the inaugural member of the newly established Blockchain Game Alliance group on Friday. There were other members present in the meeting also. Some of them were from reputed blockchain startup firms like Consensys, Enjin, Fig, Alto, and Ultra.