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India Partners with Australia to Pilot Blockchain-based Solar Energy Trading

Blockchain-based solar energy trading initiatives confirm that blockchain will soon enter into the energy sector. According to new findings, India plans to take the initiative first. And thus, the country seeks help from an Australian blockchain energy company Power Ledger. If this plan of India goes successful, then energy will be redefined by blockchain applications. […]


Blockchain Technology: Saying Bye to Techies for Now to Explore New Horizons

Change requires at every stage. The same thing is now happening in Blockchain Technology. Earlier the technology has been helping techies, project managers, and tech architects only. But now it is exploring new domains to enter viz. banking, healthcare, logistics and more. Blockchain technology has gone far more advanced beyond its association with cryptocurrency. Blockchain […]


IBM & Intel starts Financing a San Diego based Blockchain Research Lab

Tech tycoons like IBM and Intel are taking Blockchain Technology more seriously than its miners. They have started funding a UC San Diego based Blockchain research lab -BlockLAB to further understand the technology from close. The lab will study the technical, legal and business aspects of this technology for creating more robust applications in future.