caixabank rolls out enterprise blockchain platform

CaixaBank Launches Blockchain-based Platform Using Hyperledger Fabric

Earlier this morning, the third-largest bank in Spain, CaixaBank launches a blockchain platform “” using Hyperledger Fabric. According to reports, CaixaBank plans to incorporate its enterprise blockchain platform into its suite of client services. The trade finance application, operated by a consortium of 15 European financial institutions, targets small-to-medium enterprises, facilitating banking services, enabling financing […]

State Farm to Utilize Blockchain to Speed Up Auto Insurance Claims

State Farm to Utilize Blockchain to Speed Up Auto Insurance Claims

State Farm, a US-based insurance company, has announced that it is testing a blockchain-enabled solution to enhance the subrogation process for auto insurance claims. The firm has stated that it is testing the blockchain solution in collaboration with another insurance company with the aim of minimizing the time required to complete the subrogation process.

PayPal Introduces Blockchain-Based Reward System for Employees

PayPal Introduces Blockchain-Based Reward System for Employees

PayPal has launched a blockchain-based innovation reward system for its employees which can be used within the company. The employees can collect the rewards and exchange them for different fun activities available on the platform such as play poker with PayPal’s vice presidents, have coffee with the CFO or practice martial arts with CEO.

Logistics Data, Hong Kong’s 2nd Largest Terminal Operator Blockchain For Logistics Data

Hong Kong’s 2nd Largest Terminal Operator Switches To Blockchain For Logistics Data

Modern Terminals, a container terminal operator in Hong Kong, has adopted TradeLens, a blockchain-enabled technological solution, for documenting logistics data. The solution is developed by the duo, Maersk and IBM. As claimed, the solution will help in digitizing and streamlining the global supply chain process thereby improving the efficiency.

South Korea to implement blockchain technology to track beef supply chain

South Korea To Implement Blockchain Technology To Track Beef Supply Chain

South Korea has announced its plans to utilize blockchain technology to track the beef supply chain. It will conduct a pilot project in December 2018, in association with the country’s Food and Rural Affairs. Later in January 2019, it will formally implement the technology. The government plans to invest one trillion won (£693m) into innovative technologies such as blockchain and AI.