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blockchain technology center of excellence inaugurates in Bangalore

“Blockchain Technology Center of Excellence” Inaugurated in Bangalore

A Center of Excellence in Blockchain Technology finds its new home in Bangalore, India. The Indian Union Minister, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad takes the opportunity to inaugurate it. It will facilitate several government departments in their blockchain work, leading to large scale deployment of blockchain applications. New “Centre of Excellence in Blockchain Technology” India’s Ministry […]


New Study: Blockchain in Healthcare Industry Will Save Billions of Dollars

Blockchain in the healthcare industry may not be the ultimate solution to tackle the challenges. But it certainly has the potential to save billions. Of course, the question may arise in your mind how? It is possible by optimizing the current workflows and disintermediating some high-cost gatekeepers. The new study claims. The global blockchain technology […]


Blockchain Technology: Saying Bye to Techies for Now to Explore New Horizons

Change requires at every stage. The same thing is now happening in Blockchain Technology. Earlier the technology has been helping techies, project managers, and tech architects only. But now it is exploring new domains to enter viz. banking, healthcare, logistics and more. Blockchain technology has gone far more advanced beyond its association with cryptocurrency. Blockchain […]

Top 5 Blockchain Applications That Can See Significant Uprise in 2019

Top 5 Blockchain Applications That Can See Significant Uprise in 2019

Since its introduction, blockchain has been quite in the news as a breakthrough technology. Though it is still in its nascent stage, yet successful implementations of blockchain projects have been ever growing. To explore what blockchain has in its basket for 2019, one must have a glance at services such as Hybrid Blockchains, BaaS, Ricardian Contracts, Blockchain Interoperability, Stable Coins. These cutting-edge platforms are going to revolutionize the technology sector.

Microsoft Japan partners with LayerX for blockchain implementation

Microsoft Partners With LayerX To Boost Blockchain Implementation In Japan

Microsoft’s Japan arm has partnered with LayerX, a blockchain startup. They intend to work together to boost the implementation of blockchain technology across various industries in Japan. Using Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution, the partners will promote the blockchain technology further in the domestic domains. As reported Microsoft Azure BaaS will initially focus on connecting interfaces, integrating data and systems, and deploying smart contracts and blockchain networks.

smart city opens an institute to build Smart Cities with Blockchain

JD Finance has inaugurated a Smart City Research Institute at its headquarter in Nanjing, published People’s Daily on Sept 28. JD Finance is a division of the Chinese e-commerce giant It is now trying to explore Blockchain coupled with Big Data and AI to come up with better solutions for creating smart cities.