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Blockchain Can Disrupt the Gaming Industry

How Blockchain Can Disrupt the Gaming Industry

Blockchain, as we know, has gradually been forraying into various public domains. This includes major sectors such as banking, medicine, production supply, law and order, agricultural sector, etc. There are firms that are busy building blockchain platforms and providing it to the other big and small players of various domains…

Japanese MNCs will Use Blockchain Security

Japanese MNCs will Use Blockchain Security to Protect Data Sharing System

The Japanese MNCs will use blockchain security to ensure the security and integrity of production data sharing system. Basically, the system enables the sharing of production data between various notable business firms. Integrating blockchain will secure the share of production data. It will allow the firms to decide how much amount of data they can […]

Blockchain on the Drug Supply Chain

US Food and Drug Administration will Implement Blockchain on the Drug Supply Chain

United States Food & Drugs Administration will implement blockchain on the drug supply chain. The firm is joining hands with IBM and Walmart to develop this system. The team will also include global pharma company Merck and audit firm KPMG. The intention of the partnership is to develop a proof-of-concept (PoC) blockchain network. This system will […]

Blockchain Tourism Platform

Russia Will Initiate Blockchain Tourism Platform

Russian state Yugra will soon launch a blockchain tourism platform. It will track the public spending of government grants to ensure transparency. The general director of Yugra’s development fund has entered with a pact by joining hands with blockchain startup Universa. The latter will develop the blockchain system. The info about the system comes from […]

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology: The Future of Banking System

Blockchain initiated as a database for cryptocurrency Bitcoin. However, with passing time and its vast possibilities Blockchain gradually became the long-sought disrupt for various domains. Banking firms are the primary domain that can utilize blockchain technology in versatile ways. In fact, many banks have already begun experimenting with blockchain by integrating new systems with their […]

Blockchain App to Identify Fake Documents

Zoreum Launches Blockchain App to Identify Fake Documents

The Singapore based blockchain firm Zoreum has come up with a Blockchain App to Identify Fake Documents. The app goes by the name of AsliStamp. As per the official info the decentralized App has been developed in the firm’s development center in India. It is built on Zoreum’s native SwaNet Blockchain Protocol. The app generates […]