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Blockchain Tracking System

Austrian Production Firm to Launch Blockchain Tracking System

Lenzing which happens to be one of the world’s foremost fiber producing country is going to embrace blockchain. Soon, it will set up a blockchain tracking system for its supply chain of fiber. The announcement comes official from the website of the Austrian firm. Apparently, the fiber producer is teaming up with TextileGenesis, a blockchain […]

New Competition for Cosmos, Polkadot and Plasma

New Competition for Cosmos, Polkadot and Plasma..?

“A single blockchain network cannot meet a wide array of business prerequisites.” says the developers at Ontology blockchain network. It seems the latest multichain design of Ontology will give new competition for Cosmos, Polkadot, and Plasma! Different business requires different blockchains designs and highlights, a blog of Ontology reads. It says separate blockchain additionally needs […]

Blockchain Bond Transaction

World’s First Blockchain Bond Transaction Initiates

Thanks to the partnership of World bank and CommBank, now we have the World’s First Blockchain Bond Transaction. The joint venture has enabled secondary market trading recorded on the blockchain for the bond-i debt instrument. World bank mentions of this achievement in its official press release. This development credit goes to CBA which worked hand-in-hand […]

Kakao Announces Blockchain Platform Launch

Korean Internet Company Kakao Announces Blockchain Platform Launch

The popular South Korean Internet company Kakao announces blockchain platform launch in June 2019. The announcement comes from its blockchain division Ground X. The platform goes by the name Klaytn mainnet. Last year Kakao put up the testnet version for Klaytn. It will mostly work on decentralized apps. Kakao definitely has big plans to break […]

Starbucks will Use Azure Blockchain

Starbucks will Use Azure Blockchain to Track Coffee

To provide its consumers with detailed info about its coffee products, Starbucks will use Azure blockchain to track coffee. The proposed system will keep real-time tracking of coffee shipment over the globe. Then on its mobile app Starbucks will provide details about the origin of the coffee beans and where it was roasted. The system […]

Blockchain Hackathon

First Ever Blockchain Hackathon Launched in India

India sees its first-ever blockchain hackathon as Conduent Inc. is organizing this series of blockchain related application developments. Conduent has teamed up with HackerEarth to initiate this event. It aims to bring together about 2.5 million developers who will create blockchain powered solutions. The first leg of this blockchain hackathon flagged off on April 12th,2019. […]

First Cross Border Blockchain Payment

Singapore Central Bank Completes First Cross Border Blockchain Payment

For the first time ever in its history, Singapore Central Bank completes its First Cross Border Blockchain Payment along with Central bank of Canada. Apparently, both the banks have paid each other digital money via the blockchain network.  The Monetary Authority of Singapore (BAS) used the distributed ledger technology(DLT) to transfer funds to the Bank […]

Jaguar Land Rover will Reward Users With Crypto

Jaguar Land Rover will Reward Users With Crypto for Sharing Road Condition Data

Soon Jaguar Land Rover will reward users with crypto money for sharing information about road conditions. It includes real-time info about any accident occurred on any route or a massive traffic jam. Users can also report the weather conditions of an area. The local authorities will collect this info about road conditions. Basically, this system […]

Blockchain Based Payment System

JP Morgan Chase to Add New Features to its Blockchain Based Payment System

JP Morgan chase will soon integrate a real-time verification for transactions done via its Interbank Information Network. The IIN is based on Blockchain technology. This Blockchain Based Payment System resolves erroneous payments which happen due to any data compliance issue. With this system, the payment clearance issues linked with multiple banks get solved easily. Currently, […]

Digital Garage Aligns with Blockstream to Offer Blockchain Services in Japan

South Korean University and RAPA sign MoU to Promote Blockchain In Education

In an attempt to improve blockchain development in the Jeju area, the Korean Radio Promotion Association and Jeju University have signed a MoU. The agreement aims to develop a platform where academic and industrial experts will be able to efficiently exchange ideas.