Blockchain application


Blockchain in Flight Ticket Booking! Leading German Airline Tested & Succeed

Blockchain in flight ticket booking! Did any of us have dreamed about anything like this? We guess absolutely not! Partnering with Winding Tree, the German-based airline Hahn Air has issued blockchain-enabled flight tickets to its air passengers. Thanks to the blockchain technology! Because none of us have ever imagined that unthinkable possibilities will come true. […]

Blockchain in food industry

Implementations of Blockchain in the Food Industry

Blockchain technology could transform the entire food industry, by increasing efficiency, transparency and collaboration throughout the food system. The blockchain technology is a shared, distributed ledger of transactions over a decentralized peer-to-peer network…

CertiK launches a security based blockchain

CertiK Introduces a New Security Based Blockchain

CertiK, the blockchain cybersecurity firm is introducing its own security-based blockchain CertiK Chain. The primary aspect of this development is to provide a secure blockchain infrastructure for the users. The nodes of this blockchain will work on a verified hypervisor/concurrent OS kernel CertiKOS…

KPMG to develop blockchain settlement solution

KPMG Soon to Launch a Blockchain Settlement Solution

KPMG, the multinational business advisory firm is teaming up with prominent software firms to develop a blockchain settlement solution. The collaboration includes Tomia, Microsoft and R3 for the project development. The blockchain settlement solution will implement smart contracts that will resolve conflicts…

Blockchain in Cannabis Tracking

Canadian Pharmacy Will Implement Blockchain in Cannabis Tracking

Canadian Pharmacy Shoppers Drug Mart has partnered with TruTrace Technologies Inc. to implement blockchain in medical cannabis tracking. It is a pilot program to provide software to track medical cannabis from seed to final product. This information comes from a popular news outlet. The blockchain technology will provide detailed information about the quality of medical […]

Blockchain Pension Management System

Amazon will Launch Corporate Blockchain Pension Management System

Amazon, the E-commerce mammoth is going to launch a Blockchain Pension Management System. It has teamed up with UK’s insurance firm Legal & General. As the name suggests the system will manage the pension-related transactions of retired corporate employees. Amazon Web Services will develop the blockchain platform for the insurance company. Those corporate entities that […]

Blockchain based smart contracts

Zilliqa Launches First-Ever Blockchain Based Smart Contracts

Blockchain platform Zilliqa has announced the launch of its first Smart Contracts. The project is built on its own platform. The launch will help developers write and deploy smart contracts on the Zilliqa blockchain. The functional smart contract language, Scilla will help with the new project. President and chief scientific officer Amrit Kumar listed the core features […]

Blockchain Based Document Management System

Kodak To Start Blockchain Based Document Management System

The famous camera brand Kodak Services unveiled a blockchain based document management system in Rochester. The new system will help organizations achieve cost savings of up to 40%  by improving productivity and security. The use of blockchain technology in this document management platform will keep sensitive government documents safe and secure. It also claims to […]

blockchain based healthcare network

Pharma Giant To Implement Blockchain Based Healthcare Network

Global Pharma Giant Boehringer Ingelheim has teamed up with the healthcare firm Solve.Care to launch a blockchain based healthcare network. The new healthcare system, Diabetes Care Administration Network aims to raise awareness about diabetes. It will use Care.Wallet to support patients suffering from the chronic condition. The network will proactively address the risk associated with […]