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UK’s Tax Agency Wants to Deploy a Tech Tool to Combat Crypto Cybercriminals

To win over crypto cybercriminals, the UK’s tax authority HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) wants to deploy a tech tool. The tool can help it identify cybercriminals trading in cryptocurrencies. It will be purely based on blockchain technology to effectively combat crypto cybercriminals. For this reason, the tax agency from Britain is now inviting suitable […]

tata consultancy services

TCS Rolls Out Blockchain Development Kit to Make Apps Development 40% Faster

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is one of the trusted IT services providers across the globe. The multinational company remains the top choice among enterprises and entrepreneurs for various reasons. However, the recent breakthrough of TCS will take the organization to new heights. According to reports, TCS releases a blockchain application development kit that claims to […]


Can Blockchain in Seafood Traceability Solve the Issues?

How many of you think blockchain in seafood traceability solve the issues? If you are against this claim; then this post can make you think again about your claim. If you sit down at a restaurant to enjoy some seafood, you can assume they were brought from the ocean or sea. Later, processed at a […]


Why Should You Focus on Blockchain Technology and Forget about Cryptocurrencies in Future?

The cryptocurrencies we are aware of to date make use of a decentralized network called blockchain technology. Blockchain records and documents every digital transaction take place inside the network using a particular digital currency. Blockchain technology is a digital transaction ledger which maintains identical copies across each member computer operating within the network. Anyone willing […]


Salesforce To Start Business Based Blockchain Products

The cloud solutions provider, Salesforce announced its Hyperledger Sawtooth platform based blockchain solution called Salesforce Blockchain at the TrailheaDX conference. The company also revealed about its first three testing clients, IQVIA, S&P Global, and Arizona State University. The new Blockchain is a low code that empowers the bridge between clients and management. The solution promises […]

Dapp Fest 2019

New Blockchain Application for the Russian State.?

The testing of a Blockchain application for the Russian state of Nizhny Novgorod is currently in progress if we believe the reports of the local media. A blockchain application called City N will be used for public administration purposes. The citizens will use the application on the blockchain platform Vostok for filing tax, ID verification, […]

New Testnet and blockchain API

New Testnet And Blockchain API Launched In Bermuda

A fintech company Velocity Ledger Technology (VLT) unveiled a new testnet and blockchain API in Bermuda. The information comes from a press release. The API launch is being launched for making digital assets trade. Apparently, the firm has permitted its users to make digital assets applications with their blockchain viewer and web portal. To develop […]

Cargill widens Blockchain Technology Usage on Turkey Tracing

Cargill’s Blockchain Turkey Programme widens to Seventy farms from Four last year

Cargill, a privately held American global corporation, has recently announced about the expansion of its blockchain turkey programme in which users can trace their turkeys back to the family farm where they have been raised. As compared to four farms last year, nearly 70 farms have agreed to have their active participation this year in order to make 200,000 turkeys traceable for their customers. 

Hong Kong Exchanges join Digital Asset to Improve Trading Process

Hong Kong Exchange joins Digital Asset to improve Trading Process in China

Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Limited(HKEX) has reportedly joined with Digital Asset to improve the trading process using Blockchain. The news surfaced when HKEX’s CEO Charles Xioajia Li discussed the exchange’s plan at a tech event in Hong Kong.