Broker Confirms that Bithumb is on sale, Big Players ‘Interested’

An accounting firm has confirmed that Bithumb, the major crypto exchange in South Korea, is up for sale. The troubled Bithumb Holdings, which owns over 70 percent of the exchange, is actively looking for a buyer, as reported. Accounting firm Samjong KPMG, a joint venture firm that includes Dutch giant KPMG, told, one of the […]


Bithumb Exchange Owns More Assets Than Its Customers

Leading South Korean exchange Bithumb’s own assets are, by a due diligence analysis, higher than the combined total of its customer holdings. The report was part of a recent audit conducted by Seoul-based auditor Jungin Accounting, according to Sports Seoul. The auditor found that the balance of both Bithumb’s own fiat (KRW) and crypto reserves […]

Bithumb launches zero-fee transfers to global platform

South Korea’s Bithumb Launches Zero-Fee Transfers to Global Platform

South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb, has announced it will take another step towards global expansion. To do that, it aims to strengthen integration with its international arm. On Feb 26, Bithumb launched a new digital asset transfer service between the South Korean exchange and Bithumb Global, a new international digital asset exchange released by […]

south korean cryptocurrency exchange platform bithumb

South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Launches R&D Center

The major South Korean cryptocurrency exchange platform, Bithumb launches its own research and development center. The announcement goes live by the company. It states that Bithumb is the first company with a blockchain and cryptocurrency research recenter in South Korea. With this establishment, Bithumb has high hopes for the research center’s impact on the company. […]

No Tax for Crypto Profits in South Korea

South Korea Government Confirms Crypto Profits as Non Taxable Assets

South Korea has confirmed that income tax can’t be levied on individual investor’s profits from crypto transactions under the current tax law. However, the government is reviewing international trends. And the approaches of major countries to crypto taxation to amend the existing Korean tax law to include cryptocurrency. Crypto Profits No More a Subject of […]

Five Record-Breaking Cryptocurrency Scams in 2018

Bithumb Wins Lawsuit Against Investor Over $355k Hack

Bithumb, South Korean crypto exchange, has announced its recent win against an investor who had filed a lawsuit for the alleged hack of $355,000 from his account. Ahn Park, a 30-year-old civil servant who had filed the lawsuit, had stated that the loss of security and safeguarding of his personal and financial data led to the hack.