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Morocco is the leader in North African Bitcoin trade in 2021

According to Triple A, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency distributor, and aggregator, 0.9 million Moroccans, or about 2.4 percent of the overall population, own cryptocurrency. This places the kingdom as the most populous country in North Africa. And in the top 50 countries with the highest percentage of cryptocurrency users, just ahead of Portugal. The pattern is […]

Bitcoin Trading in Italy

Italy’s Bank ‘Banco Sella’ Allows Bitcoin Trading Service during COVID-19 Lockdown

The growing interest of crypto adoption and the COVID-19 outbreak encourages Italy’s popular bank ‘Banco Sella’ to launch a Bitcoin trading service in the country. Crypto traders can use the bank’s Hype platform to initiate their crypto trading. The bank will only act as an intermediate to mitigate potential security risks with cryptocurrency exchanges. While […]


Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin in Malaysia? 5-Min Read Step-by-Step Guide

Decided to buy Bitcoin in Malaysia and start your investment career? Good job! But are you well-aware of the facts and guide to buying bitcoin in Malaysia? If not, and want to start from scratch; here’s the easy guide to follow. Glad to know that you get the courage to play a greater role and […]


Kraken Future Trading App Now Available on Android & iOS

The Kraken Future Trading App is all set to hit mobile users. Developed by the San Francisco based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, it is well-popular to provide cryptocurrency to fiat trading.  Understanding digital assets may seem confusing, but Kraken is here to help every newcomer in the cryptocurrency world. Kraken Future was first available for desktop […]

Bitcoin Price in Zimbabwe

Bitcoin Price in Zimbabwe Touches A Whopping $76,000

Though bitcoin value is hovering in & around $10,000 for the rest of the world, in Zimbabwe 1 bitcoin bears a value of $76,000. Recently, there has been a ban imposed on local trading in foreign fiat currencies. , If someone is buying Bitcoin from outside of the nation he is seeing the asking price for a bitcoin is over $50,000… Introduces Self-Trading Platform for Retirement Accounts Introduces 24/7 Self-Trading Platform for Retirement Accounts

Bitcoin IRA, a provider of cryptocurrency trading services, has launched Self-Trader, a self-trading platform for retirement accounts. The platform allows consumers to buy, sell and swap cryptocurrencies using their retirement accounts. It offers trading of eight different cryptocurrencies, including Zcash and Stellar Lumens. The offerings also include Digital Gold and a non-retirement option for cryptocurrency trading using a cash account.

Napston launches fully Automated Crypto Trading Platform

Napston Launches Fully Automated Crypto Trading Platform

Napston, a cryptocurrency trading platform, has announced the launch of a fully automated crypto trading platform. The solution is based on a proprietary technology called Distributed Artificial Neural Networks. The technology has the ability to predict the market with high accuracy. However, the accuracy of the network depends on the processing power of the sources used.