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FTC issued a public alert regarding a new crypto ATM scam

The Federal Trade Commission of the United States has issued an alert about a new variant of cryptocurrency fraud. An impostor, a QR code, and a crypto ATM where victims will be directed to send money are the three main components of the hoax. Fraudsters pose as governmental authorities, law enforcement agents, or employees of […]

Crypto Scams Are Skyrocketing in 2020 Compared to 2017 Statistics

Whale Alert, the blockchain tracking and analytics platform, has revealed that scammers have stolen more than $38 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) over the last four years. It could hit new heights by the end of 2020 Research by Whale Alert, which relies on data from the crypto scam monitoring platform, Scam Alert, shows that […]

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No Stopping for Bitcoin Scammers! Focus Shift to Prepaid Debit Cards

Bitcoin scammers find their way to extort money. If one way shuts for them, other ways tremendously get open for them. Despite strict regulations, the crypto scammers are now abandoning the cryptocurrency stealing and shifting their focus to prepaid debit cards. Kaspersky Lab (the cybersecurity company) releases the original findings. In its recent blog post, […]

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Hackers Took Over UK Supermarket Giant’s Twitter Handle to Promote Bitcoin scam

Recently, the official twitter handle of Tesco, one of the biggest supermarket chain of UK was cracked by hackers. The hackers were prompt to declare a bitcoin scam on the profile as soon as they took over it. Currently, the situation is under control. Tesco has regained control over its Twitter handle…

Malware In The Crypto Trading

App Offering Free Bitcoins is a Scam: Malware Hunter

An independent malware hunter alleges an app offering free bitcoins is a scam. Various websites are promoting the scam. This scam offers several programs that reportedly reward users with free cryptocurrency. A malware hunter called Frost revealed about the app called “Bitcoin Collector” via a tweet. In the tweet, he has warned the people against […]

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Chinese Traders Accused Of Illegal Bitcoin Collection

Chinese traders accused of illegal bitcoin collection worth $56 million. The two accused traders Yi Zhou and Xiang Li tempted more than 100 over-the-counter (OTC) traders assuring a return interest. The information came from a regional newspaper report. According to the news, 20 OTC traders registered a report against the two individuals in the Hangzhou […]


Goxtrade Faces Scam Accusation: Mentions Bogus Contact Details

There is not a day in a week when we don’t hear about scams happening in the crypto world. The crypto exchange Goxtrade is the latest addition to these kinds of scam activities. Apparently, the firm is extracting the photo of random people from social media. Later it’s putting those people’s picture on its website […]