Bitcoin price


Bitcoin Witnesses a Bad Week Due to Sharp Fall in Price

The price of Bitcoin has now hit its lowest point since June of this year. Its price has tumbled below $8,000 per coin for the second time this week. It is unlikely the slide will stop anytime soon…

Bitcoin iching towards $10k

Bitcoin Inching Towards $10K: Hits 15 Month High

The price of Bitcoin has hit its highest level since May 2018, inching towards $10k. The cryptocurrency started this week with a bang with its price crossing $9000 levels earlier on Sunday, June 16. During the last 24 hours, bitcoin’s total market cap has soared from $164 billion to $173 billion – an increase of […]

Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Swings From $5,000 to $20,000 to $7,000, leaves Investors Puzzled

Bitcoin is struggling to find its stable base. Within a year, it has achieved a jaw-dropping up and down value. It has climbed up from around $5,000 to a sky-high margin of $20.000. At the same time, it has scaled down to a current figure hovering over $7,000 as well. All within a span of 12 months. Now the big question is, β€œIs it really stable?”