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Chinese police seizes Bitcoin mining machines

Police Seize Thousands Of Bitcoin Mining Machines In China

Chinese bitcoin mining firm has been seized for a spike in local electricity usage. The police have seized around 4,000 bitcoin mining machines from the mining operations. The police allege that the firm has stolen nearly 20 million yuan ($3 million) cost of electricity. The investigators suspect that more than 20 people involved in the mining operation…

Bitcoin Mining Machines

1000 Bitcoin Mining Machines Seized in Iran

Around 1000 bitcoin mining machines have been seized by the Iranian government due to power issues. These machines were used by two crypto mining firms in some abandoned factory premises in the Yazd province. The Energy Ministry of Iran says that due to the heavy consumption of electricity in mining, the power grids are becoming unstable.

Illegal Bitcoin Mines

Illegal Bitcoin Mines in China Under the Government Scrutiny

Apparently, Government authorities in China have spotted illegal Bitcoin mines in the Sichuan region which are set up in various hydropower stations. The land resource Bureau has information regarding these bitcoin mines which have no approval from the government. The entire information about the discovery of such illegal bitcoin mines sources back to a local […]