bitcoin exchange


It’s 2019! What Can I Buy with Bitcoin Today?

Bitcoin today evolves to a great extent. It makes the switch from being a currency to an investment. And thus, Bitcoin today becomes a viable alternative to many centralized payment systems existing in the market. As a result, we can expect that a store nearby may accept bitcoin payments in 2019 and beyond. The rise […]


Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin in Malaysia? 5-Min Read Step-by-Step Guide

Decided to buy Bitcoin in Malaysia and start your investment career? Good job! But are you well-aware of the facts and guide to buying bitcoin in Malaysia? If not, and want to start from scratch; here’s the easy guide to follow. Glad to know that you get the courage to play a greater role and […]

bitcoin lightning payment
bitcoin lightning payment

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Explored New Way to Sending Private Messages

The new findings on Bitcoin suggest that Bitcoin’s lightning network can now send private messages. Let’s check the truth behind it… Joost Jager, the famous Lightning Labs developer, has unveiled an experimental and new proof of concept last week called Whatsat. It’s a new version of Bitcoin’s lightning that can send private messages. As soon […]

New Jersey citizen arrested for illegal bitcoin exchange

New Jersey Resident Charged for Running Illegal Bitcoin Exchange

The New Jersey Attorney Office has accused William Green of Monmouth County over an illegal bitcoin exchange. The 46 years old Green was illegally exchanging customers’ money into bitcoins for a fee. The New Jersey Attorney Office alleges that he earned over $2 million cash with his illegal bitcoin exchange…

Maked robbers raids in a Bitcoin exchange

Robbery Attempt on Bitcoin Exchange in Birmingham Foiled

A group of masked men broke into a Bitcoin exchange office in the city of Birmingham. It was all recorded in footage taken outside the exchange. There were multiple people who manage to take the video of the loot but didn’t come up for any defense.   This footage is the only proof for the West Midland Police in the case…