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Crypto in Cuba

Crypto in Cuba: Adoption and Challenges

The economic sanctions by the United States have paved the way for the usage of crypto in Cuba. However, cryptocurrencies are facing numerous challenges. This includes a lack of regulations, limited access to crypto exchanges and the growth of gold-backed MLM stablecoin…

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Binance To Launch a Crypto Exchange in the US

Crypto giant Binance is all set to launch a new crypto exchange in the US, called Binance US. It has partnered with BAM Trading Services to manage and operate the new exchange. The information comes from a press release. BAM will use Binance’s wallet and matching engine products whereas Binance will offer BAM Trading Services. […]

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Binance Trust Wallet Officially Released on Binance DEX

Finally, the Binance Trust Wallet has officially released on the decentralized platform Binance DEX. The crypto firm bought the open source, decentralized wallet back in 2018. The new trust wallet will enable DEX users to have full control over their funds. Also, it will provide faster trading services. The trust wallet also provides access to […]

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Binance DEX Blocks User Access From 29 Countries

The decentralized exchange Binance DEX has blocked user access from 29 countries. As of now, there is no clarification from the exchange regarding this move. The blocked countries include the US, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Burma, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Cote D’Ivoire, the Crimea region of Ukraine, Croatia, Cuba, Herzegovina, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, […]

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Binance Initiates Decentralized Exchange: Hopes for A Transparent Financial System

Running a bit ahead of its routine, Binance Initiates Decentralized Exchange or DEX for crypto trading. Though trading will begin later, as of now users can create wallets on Binance DEX. Tokens will be listed and issued soon after which regular trading will begin. The Binance DEX integrates Trust Wallet, the freshly acquired blockchain startup […]