Crypto Tax Avoidance Schemes

Australia To Investigate Crypto Tax Avoidance Schemes

The Australian Tax Office (ATO), the country’s tax agency, is investigating 12 international crypto tax avoidance schemes. The J5 (The Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement) announced the crackdown after a recent meeting. The news comes from a report of the country’s daily. The union is planning to pursue 50 global investigations. ATO’s deputy commissioner, […]

Zebpay Launches its Services in Australia

Singaporean Crypto Exchange Zebpay Launches its Services in Australia

After its closure in the Indian market, the Singaporean crypto exchange firm Zebpay launches its services in Australia. Its new office is now open in Melbourne. It will allow the Australian traders to trade up to five fiat to crypto trading pairs. This includes major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin cash, Ripple and Litecoin. […]

IBM Opens New Blockchain Data Center in Melbourne

IBM Opens Second Blockchain Data Center in Australia

IBM has announced the opening of a new blockchain data center in Sydney, Australia, which is scheduled for March 2019. The initiative will allow Australlian customers to store their data locally instead of depending on outside hosts. In addition, the firm has launched blockchain main net from its Melbourne data center to allow customers use the company’s cloud for running their applications.

Australia Launches Blockchain-based Healthcare Solution

Australia-based Doctors Launch Blockchain-powered Healthcare Solution

An Australia-based team of doctors have launched Secure Health Chain, a blockchain-based healthcare solution, aimed at revolutionizing the healthcare sector by providing enhanced security to patient data and reducing the costs involved. The team is headed by Dr. Rob Laidlaw, a healthcare specialist. Secure Health Chain’s goal is to develop a user-friendly electronic ‘health passport’ that can be accessed by users on their smartphones.

WWF-Australia Launches Blockchain Platform to Track Lifecycle of Food Items

WWF-Australia Launches Blockchain Platform to Track Lifecycle of Food Items

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia has launched OpenSC, a supply chain tool built on blockchain technology. The blockchain-based platform can be used to track the origin and life cycle of food items. As reported, both consumers and producers will be able to know the complete life cycle of food products with the help of unique blockchain-based QR codes.