IBM blockchain patents

US: IBM Leads Top Patent Assignees with Patents in AI and Blockchain

Tech giant IBM cemented its patent leadership in the United States, with over 9,000 received patents including blockchain and Artificial Intelligence in 2019. With the 9,626 patents secured, IBM became the company that received the most patents in the U.S. ever. It now becomes the leader on the list for the 27th consecutive year as […]

BlockClaim raises funds for its blockchain-based claim solution

BlockClaim Raises Fund for Blockchain Powered Claim Solution

BlockClaim, the insurtech start-up has raised up to £500,000 ($627.000) in its seed funding round. The funding has been received for its AI and blockchain-powered claim solution. It is using advanced data science techniques in the solution. The fundraising included many investors such as Amadeus Capital Partners, Pragmatica, and other insurance business angels. BlockClaim is […]

Microsoft's Application Suite for agriculture in Brazil

Microsoft To Launch Blockchain Application Suite For Brazilian Agriculture Sector

Microsoft files application suite based on blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Brazil. These applications will help to improve productivity in agriculture. The technology is going by the name of FarmBeats. It will make use of blockchain, drones. IoT, AI, and big data for efficiency. This application suite has already been used in the U.S., […]

SEBI Adopts Regulatory Sandbox Approach for Implementing Blockchain & AI in Fintech

SEBI Adopts Regulatory Sandbox Approach for Implementing Blockchain & AI in Fintech

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has revealed that it is adopting a ‘regulatory sandbox’ approach to utilize the cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). The SEBI officials have claimed that innovation in Fintech can be better achieved by following a ‘sandbox’ approach, which offers temporary relaxations of regulations to build a safe platform for companies to test Fintech services in a live environment, without lending them full authorisation and licensing protocol.

Telefónica Partners with Microsoft to Expand Blockchain and AI Services

Telefonica Partners with Microsoft to Expand Blockchain and AI Services

Telefónica, Spain’s telecom company, has partnered with Microsoft to use blockchain and Artificial intelligence (AI) in expanding its digital innovation. As stated, Telefónica will leverage Microsoft’s Azure platform to build new services tailored for the telecoms industry. The company is already using AI to improve its customer relationships and is looking forward to reaping more benefits of Azure AI.

Five Blockchain-powered Agricultural Projects Around the World

Five Blockchain-powered Agricultural Projects Around the World

Agriculture is one of the most primary sectors on which the development of a nation depends. Agriculture, when combined with technology, has resulted in boosting production and revenues. And, with the current technological trends, blockchain has found great overhaul via various applications in the agri-business industry. It is claimed to have great opportunity in transforming the […]

Hyundai Knocks Door of Blockchain to Provide Advanced Business Models

Hyundai to Build Financial Supply Chain Ecosystem on Blockchain

Hyundai has announced that its financial services subsidiary, Hyundai Commercial, has selected IBM to build a new financial supply chain ecosystem utilizing Hyperledger Fabric blockchain. As per sources, Hyundai Card, another financial services subsidiary of Hyundai, will also be joining IBM to implement Machine Learning and develop Artificial-Intelligence based Chatbot for support services.

Sugar Traders to Implement Blockchain for Supply Chain

Sugar Traders Show Inclination Towards Adopting Blockchain for Supply Chain

After seeing the agricultural shift towards blockchain, sugar traders have started showing their enthusiasm for the distributed ledger technology. With an intent to study the scope of blockchain in the sugar industry, Jamal Al Ghurair, Managing Director of UAE-based Al Khaleej Sugar, had invited the industry’s stakeholders for a meeting held in Dubai. The participants included ABN Amro Bank NV, and Societe Generale SA, and Consensys, a blockchain startup incubator. 

Bitfury to Launch Blockchain-based Medical Image Sharing Platform

Bitfury Builds Blockchain-based Common Medical Image Sharing Platform

Bitfury has partnered with Medical Diagnostic Web, a blockchain radiology platform, to develop a blockchain-powered medical image sharing platform. Under the partnership, both the entities will collaborate with Longenesis, a blockchain-powered life data marketplace, to build a platform for securely recording and sharing of medical imaging and diagnostics reports such as X-rays and CT scans, which will be built on Exonum, which is Bitfury’s private blockchain framework.