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June 26, 201810
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If i'm travelling around the world and should i prefer payments using Cryptocurrency?

Like Bitcoin are there some other Cryptocurrencies that i can use while travelling?

June 21, 20182
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I'd like to know stuff about ERC-20 compliant tokens and their significance.

Are tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain ERC-20 compliant?

June 7, 20182
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What is Aion?

Aion recently launched a new blockchain network. Blockchain will be a leading cutting edge technology that will increase rapidly in number.

June 7, 20182
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How can a person "earn" Bitcoin in 2018?

Is there a way to earn bitcoins because i'm tired of mining and exchanging. i want a shortcut that will profit me. Thank you for your answer! cheers!!

May 29, 20182
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What is Quantstamp?

Quantstamp is the security verification code for smart contracts that improves the security of Ethereum. Yes, absolutely it uses the Ethereum Blockchain. The Quantstamp agreement targets to be a scalable...

May 29, 20185
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What is the working principle of Bytom?

Bytom completely works on the area of asset management. It is trying to resolve the following problems in blockchain. 1.How to take the digital assets? 2. To connect the distance between the physical and...

April 30, 20185
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What is Bytom?

Bytom aims on transferring the assets from the atomic world to the byte world. It is completely different from other cryptocurrencies. The mission of bytom is to bridge the distance between the digital...

April 30, 20185
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Blockchain Capital.

Blockchain capital, formerly known as Crypto Currency Partners invests in stuff related to Blockchain Technology.

April 21, 20182
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Petronomeda - A New Gen Cryptocoin

Petro Coin is also known as Petronomeda is a Government based Cryptocurrency.

April 10, 20182
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Why is cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) not valued against the gold standard?

Bitcoin does share a lot of similarities with gold. As both bitcoin and gold are finite and they cannot be provided by the government like the fiat money. Even if bitcoin is often called the digital gold...

April 7, 20185
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Airswap - A new Cryptocurrency

AirSwap is a new start-up cryptocurrency company that focuses to create a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

April 6, 20182
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Expanse is a good fork or a bad fork?

Being a Fork of Ethereum, is Expanse a stable Cryptocurrency? Can a person trust Expanse?

April 4, 20182
April 4, 201810