What is Zcash Sapling?

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What is the aim of Zcash Sapling?

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What is Sapling?

Sapling is a network upgrade introduced by the Zcash Cryptocurrency. Sapling significantly increases the efficiency as well as brings out improvements for shielded translations which will make a way for broad mobile, exchange along with vendor adoption of Zcash shield addresses.

The first and the current release of the Zcash network is Sprout, Sapling is supposed to be first major upgrade of the Zcash network. Sapling will be implemented as a hard fork and is scheduled for release on September 2018. “Overwinter,” an upgrade in the Zcash network was scheduled for a release date on June. In case of performance, there will be significant improvements in the case of shielding transactions, Sapling also claims to improves security and other related benefits.

Shielded transaction performance between Sprout and Sapling:

The Proving time is dropped from 37 seconds to 7 seconds and uses memory from 3GB to 40MB, an astonishing improvement of around 98% (note that low memory is demonstrated for Sprout in version 1.0.13. reduced the current requirement to 1.7 GB). You can expect a lot of enhancements and optimizations before September and the best news is, Sapling’s memory requirements now make the mobile wallet a reality in support of protected transactions.

This will definitely continue to increase number of shielded transactions on the network, thus improving security for everyone, and it will finally generate a method for submitting the transparent email addresses.

In addition to these enhancements, Sapling also adds optimum security. The current elliptic curve construction used in Sprout (BN128), due to some recent coding developments, was estimated to have only about 110 bits of security (lower than 128 targets). Sapling will use a new curve (BLS12-381) that targets the 128 bit security level but does so without sacrificing performance. Update: Zooko pointed out that this is not entirely accurate – while the predicted security level of this curve is about 110 bits, the specific security of the curve for the current study is still around 128 bits . Regardless of the curve being upgraded as a precautionary measure.

Sapling network upgrade:
-Fast confirmation
-Memory size
-Improving security by implementing a new elliptic system (BLS12-381)

How to upgrade to Saping?

Keep Zcash software up to date, upgraded to the major chain with others. You will not lose network upgrades unless you have your own full node and you must manually configure the client to keep the old code.

The purpose of this update is to make it easier for users of the platform by allowing transactions on the network to be done faster. Although this update seems useful, there are people who claim that something is missing on the platform, especially those who claim that “block height” exists. For unknown people, “block height” is effective. Fortunately, it has never been missing for a long time. Zcash is planning to integrate block heights with future updates.

2017 was a great year of Zcash. Lets see how things work out for Zcash in the year 2018.

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