What is Hyperledger?

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Is Hyperledger a Cryptocurrency, a blockchain or an ICO?

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Hyperledger is an open source collaboration initiated to promote cross-industry blockchain technologies. Hyperledger is initiated by the Linux Foundation as a global collaboration which includes leaders in banking, finance, internet, production, supply chain, and technology.

Hyperledger doesn’t support any other Cryptocurrency when it is Bitcoin or the Altcoins. Yet the platform is motivated by blockchain technology. The hyperledger considers Blockchain as a revolutionary technology that has changed everything we know in the past one decade. The Blockchain technology not only developed a broader spectrum in the technological advancement but the promise that the blockchain technology undergoes is remarkable and fundamentally revolutionary. Blockchains have the utter potential to “build a new generation of transactional applications that will enlist trust, accountability, and transparency at their core while simplifying business processes and legal constraints.”

Hyperledge has gathered an impressive list of more than 100 partners. The partners are the world-renowned industry leaders. Mobile technology giants like Airbus and Daimler, Fujitsu, Nokia, Intel, IBM, SAP, Samsung, and Huawei. If this doesn’t impress you then the list continues with many IT companies and top leaders like Deutsche Borse, BBVA, American Express, BNP Paribas, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo and make other financial institutions. They have also collaborated with big players in the Blockchain startups like Netki, Factom, Consensys, Bloclstream, Lykke and Bloq. What happened at Hyperledger was that the world’s leading and largest technology and finance companies came across with some of the most impressive Blockchain startups.

The “Umbrella Strategy” of Hyperledger presents and promotes a wide range of business blockchain technologies, libraries, applications, and framework. Hyperledge is the host of many projects such as:

  • Hyperledger Iroha: Hyperledger Iroha is a simple blockchain platform that combines rights-based block chains and Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus to create the most reliable, safe and fast applications. Obviously free, open source runs on Linux and Mac OS, there are also various mobile libraries and desktop libraries.
  • Hyperledger Burrow: Hyperledger Burrow is one of the most exaggerated Hyperledger projects hosted by the Linux Foundation. Hyperledger Burrow was originally offered by Monax, and the only Intel co-founded. Hyperledger Burrow provides a modular blockchain client with a license smart contract interpreter developed based on some EVhere (EVerence Virtual Machine) specifications.
  • Hyperledger Fabric: Hyperledger Fabric is a platform built for distributed ledger solutions. It is based on a modular architecture and provides a high level of confidentiality, flexibility, scalability. This aims to support pluggable implementations of different components and to adapt to the complexity and complexity that exists throughout the economic ecosystem.

And my personal favorite,

  • Hyperledger Sawtooth: Hyperledger Sawtooth is a corporate blockchain platform for building distributed ledger applications and networks. The goal of the design concept is to maintain the distribution of ledgers and make smart contracts safe, especially for corporate purposes.By separating the core system from the application domain, Sawtooth simplifies blockchain application development. Application developers can use the language of their choice to specify the business rules that suit their application without having to understand the basic design of the core system.
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