What is Bytom?

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Bytom is an intermediary connecting generalized blockchain with specialized blockchains and it is an interpretational protocol for multiple assets.

Yes, absolutely it is completely different from other CryptoCurrenciesBytom focuses on creating heterogeneous byte-assets which operate in different forms on the Bytom blockchain. Additionally, there’s a focus on atomic assets – dividends, bonds, etc. which can be registered, exchanged, and engaged within the form of contract-based operations. More and more digital assets will emerge in the future.

“Bytom bridges physical word and byte world for multiple digital assets, promoting the registration, circulation and exchange of various digital assets.”

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Bytom aims on transferring the assets from the atomic world to the byte world. It is completely different from other cryptocurrencies. The mission of bytom is to bridge the distance between the digital world and the physical world and its only goal is to become the world’s largest public blockchain platform.

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