Investment in Cryptocurrency – Is it safe and sound?

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Crypto is a derived from Latin word “Kryptos” meaning “secret” or “hidden,” word is associated with Cryptocurrency because it is based on cryptography and currency means money. Cryptocurrency is digital money you can also call it the “money of internet.” In terms of investment, Cryptocurrency is better than current securities – like stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc. Yes, the cryptocurrency market is around since 9 years old the market cap of this kind of asset is around 160 billion dollars. Global Forum stated that by the end of 2025 the GDP of Cryptocurrency will be 10% whereas the current GDP of cryptocurrency is 1% of the total GDP of the world. You can get a better overview of Cryptocurrency in the Wikipedia.
The real question here remains, why is cryptocurrency so popular and the demand for investing in cryptocurrency is increasing at an alarming rate?

The answer is Cryptocurrency is decentralized, usability, security and yes, limited supply. We’re living in the golden age or you can also call it a modern-day Utopia. Satoshi Nakamoto changed the world by sharing Bitcoin with the world and we witnessed many other cryptocurrencies called the altcoins also uses the Blockchain technology. In 2017, we saw an increase in the value of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies and in December 2017 we saw Bitcoin’s value slashed.

Many Countries adopted Cryptocurrency as an alternative to their Fait Currency and many Countries banned Cryptocurrency as the government and national banks cannot control or contain the usage of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has the potential to solve many major problems in the world Cryptocurrency might also end poverty. But mining Cryptocurrency is expensive(this topic is for another time, I’ll tell you about the cryptocurrency mining rig).
When you start investing in Cryptocurrency like I do, you’ll know the potential of cryptocurrency and how undervalued Cryptocurrency is today and investing in Cryptocurrency means you are actually supporting the project and this might change a lot of things in the world.

There is a suggestion if you want to start investing in Cryptocurrency then don’t put all your money in just one, spread them out. And before investing in Cryptocurrency first, learn the basics and then you are good to go.

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