How does Quantstamp work?

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Yes, obviously it works on the Ethereum platform as “Dapps”.

Here, is the complete process of how it works: Although the team is focusing on Ethereum now, they’re building the Quantstamp protocol in a way that’s platform agnostic.

The Quantstamp protocol has a two-pronged approach to security auditing:

1. Automated software verification system

2. Automated bounty payout system

Automated software verification system: “Quantstamp’s Validation Node” applies audit techniques from formal methods submitted by Contributors. These techniques include security checks such as concolic tests, static analysis, and symbolic execution as well as automated reasoning tools like SAT and SMT. As a reward for submitting verification software, contributors (who are primarily security experts), receive Quantstamp Protocol (QSP) tokens.

Automated bounty payout system: When you submit your smart contract for auditing, you also include a set of QSP tokens for bounty rewards and a deadline for when Bug Finders can submit issues. The bounty deadline reward size is up to you. If the deadline passes with no found bugs, the QSP bounty reward is returned to you. Quantstamp doesn’t guarantee flawless code after this process, but they do assure users that the automated testing and crowdsourced bug-hunting greatly reduce issues.

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