Government Shutdown, Cryptos Prices and Blockchain Application Development Company

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Government Shutdowns in the US is not new. The Federal Government has shut down a number of times when either the Congress or the President hit lackadaisical appropriations. Such shutdowns have a direct impact on the public, as employees are not paid and government services stop all in a while. Currently, the US government is facing stringent rifts with frequent funding gaps in the administration. There is a possibility of a partial government shutdown after this week. In these circumstances, with other businesses, the blockchain application development company ecosystem will have an impact. Meanwhile, its effect on cryptocurrency prices is quite clear.

The Transportation, Security, and Justice Department are heading towards a possible shutdown. A CNN report cited that a majority of Department of Homeland Security would be subjected to work without pay. Also, many employees of NASA, National Park Service and Department of Housing and Urban Development might be placed on furlough. However, there is also a strong possibility that the situation will find a solution while averting the possible shutdown.

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