7H’s of Hcash.


What are the 7H’s of Hcash?

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From what I studied about HCash from various resources, it can be considered as another promising cryptocurrency if it will truly stand still on its current 7 unique features;

  1. Powered by a dual sidechain that composed of Blockchain and DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) to provide a hassle-free experience.
  2. Zero Knowledge proof technology to achieve bidirectional encryption
  3. POS mining mechanism to enable every Hcash holder to be a part of community-wise decision making
  4. Real time dynamic voting system to determine effective use of cash
  5. Quantum resistance to strongly defend against attack of any Quantum computer in near future
  6. Options to transfer between Public and Private addresses through wallets or clients panel
  7. Power to perform unlimited transactions within a limited block size
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7 reasons why Hcash can be revolutionary cryptocurrency.

1. Hcash is Hive.

2. Hcash is Hidden.

3. Hcash is Hybrid.

4. Hcash is Hierarchy.

5. Hcash is Hard.

6. Hcash is Haven.

7. Hcash is Handy.

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