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Grin Implements its First Hard Fork Upgrade

Cryptocurrency Grin Conducts its First Hard Fork

Grin, the open-source privacy-based cryptocurrency is implementing its first hard fork upgrade that is backward-incompatible. It will bring some effective changes to the network of $60 million. This will make improvements for maximum miner decentralization and usability. This implementation was planned before the launch of Grin…

Tether on Algorand blockchain

Tether will Soon Launch on the Algorand Blockchain

Tether, one of the known and widely used stablecoin will soon appear on the Algorand blockchain technology. This mechanism encourages open participation, security, and performance within a decentralized network. It will provide the traders with a USD stablecoin option on Omni, Ethereum, Tron, EOS and shortly on the algorand blockchain.

Diamond backed crypto Ponzi scheme

Venezuelans Fall Prey to Crypto Ponzi Scheme: Lawsuit Filed with US Court

Seven Venezuelan investors reported a case against the accused companies connected to the $30 million worth crypto Ponzi scheme. The firms including Eagle Financial Diamond Group Inc. and Argyle Coin are reported to the Florida Federal Court. The involved crypto asset in this scheme was pegged to diamond…


Kusama: The New Experimental Network By Polkadot

Polkadot, the team behind the blockchain protocol has announced about its experimental network called as Kusama. It is an early, unaudited and unrefined release of Polkadot which will serve as a proving ground for developers to build and deploy a parachain…

Bitcoin Suisse appeals for banking license

Bitcoin Suisse Registers with The Swiss Financial Regulator

Bitcoin Suisse, the Swiss crypto broker puts an application for banking and security dealer licenses. The firm has registered with the Financial Markets Supervision Authority (FINMA) of Switzerland. It intends to get acquainted with the adaptation of the regulatory landscape of cryptocurrencies…

Bitcoin for property tax

Another Canadian City Will Now Accept Bitcoin For Property Tax

The City of Richmond Hill is taking a page from the city of Innisfil. The former will now provide the option to pay Bitcoin for Property Tax. The city has joined hands with Coinberry, a digital currency platform and the same company that partnered with Innisfil…

Cleveland Cavaliers shook hands with UnitedCoin

Crypto Firm UnitedCoin Partners with The Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers (The Cavs), the pro basketball team from Ohio and its esports club Cavs Legion GC is collaborating with the crypto firm UnitedCoin. This partnership intends to promote UnitedCoin as its official crypto partner. It will help the Cavs to enter the fintech sector with cryptocurrency…

Blockchain Payment Solution

Korean Credit Card Giant Granted Patent for Blockchain Payment Solution

The major South Korean credit card company Shinhan card finally patents its Blockchain payment solution. As the name suggests, this system will set the spending limits, enable payment in installments and payment processing. Apparently, the firm is the first one in the world to come up with such a credit transaction service…