Production to Begin at USD 540m Crypto-themed TV drama ‘Pumping Time’

A South Korean TV drama manufacturing company is set to launch a major series focusing on issues related to crypto and blockchain – with a bumper budget of over USD 2.7 m per episode.

As per Financial News, South Korea, China, and the United States’ major A-list celebrity actors are already in talks to star in the series, tentatively called “Pumping Time,” which could run for a whopping 10 seasons. There will be 20 episodes in each season, each 30 minutes long .

Gemstone Film, the manufacturing company, to work with companies in the United States. And China and has received financial backing from K-Play Content.

One of South Korea’s leading drama writers, Choi Wan-kyu, already been recruit as a showrunner by the producers. With the thriller ‘Iris’ in 2009, as well as the 2006 historical drama ‘Jumong,’ Choi has achieved enormous success.

The manufacturers also claimed that they would create special trailers. To help viewers learn more about crypto and blockchain, the themes that the drama will explore.

Although few details of the storey have been revealed so far, production officials have commented that projects and crypto fraud in the central bank digital currency (CBDC) will be among the topics featured.

Another crypto-focused K-drama featuring Kwon Hyun-bin (of the JBJ group). And ex-Rainbow member Cho Hyun-young with K-pop stars is also in production. And is likely to stream online early next year.

“Pumping Time” production should start next month.