Microsoft warns digital currency owners about new malware

Microsoft warns digital currency owners about new malware

In a tweet, on August 27, Microsoft Security Intelligence (MSI) warned crypto-currency owners who are also Windows users that their funds in crypto wallets could be in danger due to new malware.

The new malware, named Anubis, appears to be using Loki forked code. It robs these Windows users of crypto-wallet credentials, credit card details, and other valuable information.

First discovered the malware in the cyber-criminal underground in June, according to MSI. It has the same name as another potent trojan bank that has been targeted for months at Android smartphones.

MSI Tweet

Source: MSI Tweet

MSI stressed that the malware appears to be controllable, stating that it was deployed only in “what seems to be limited. Initial campaigns that have only used a handful of known download URLs and C2 servers to date.”

Some websites trick people into downloading Anubis. And then the malware steals information and sends it to servers through an HTTP POST command and control.

MSI states the threat will continue to be monitored. Experts in cybersecurity suggested the way to avoid downloading is not to click on any email that appears to be fishy. Because the original Loki code used techniques of social engineering to target its victims. It sent attachments via email which would install the malware once clicked on.