Three Women's Binance Award Nominees Get Blocked From Instagram

Three Women’s Binance Award Nominees Get Blocked From Instagram

The only woman recently nominated for the Binance Influencer Awards was Rachel Siegel, also known as CryptoFinally. She alleges that she and two other female crypto-influencers were de-platformed from Instagram after criticizing the under-representation of women in the Blockchain industry. The other females that are allegedly targeted are TechWithCatalina and GirlGoneCrypto.

Questioning the status quo

Siegel said that she was very vocal about the under-representation of women in the crypto industry. She noted that she was the only female of 25 award nominees:

“I have been very local about the fact that there is a gender disparity in the cryptocurrency community and people are not happy with that. They have never been happy with talking about feminist values. So what we know is that the people who were removed were me, GirlGoneCrypto <…> and <…> TechWithCatalina.”

The latter was the only female nominee to receive the Binance Spanish Awards. Both women have been known to collaborate with Siegel.

It is possible that users of Instagram, who disagreed with or felt threatened by calls for inclusion, reported the trio to Instagram either individually or as a unified effort. Usually, when enough users report to a user, their account will be suspended until a manual review is carried out.

Choosing the nominees

Apparently, both the community and the Binance team have determined the nominees for the Binance Influencer Awards. The weight of the collective vote was 60%, with Binance’s team accounting for the remaining 40%.