Otaku Coin Association

Japan Otaku Coin Association Welcomes New Leadership

The Otaku Coin Association formed to connect Japanese animation fans. Has announced leading figures from the anime and the blockchain industry will join its leadership team.

Dentsu Japanimation Studio executives and the Hakuhodo Blockchain Initiative will join the Otaku Coin Association (OCA) as new directors. According to a July 27 article in the Japanese news outlet AdverTimes. The OCA has appointed Dentsu’s Makashi Muto and Hakuhodo’s Yusuke Ito to his team.

In September 2018 the association began free distribution of 6 million tokens among 15,000 participants. However, as part of its plan to eventually move the coins to the blockchain. The OAC intends to launch a fundraiser by 2021.

The namesake of the Otaku Coin is a Japanese term for “superfan,” or someone who is obsessed with a specific niche in pop culture. The token is a community currency targeting fans of Japanese anime, comics, and games.

Blockchain and pop culture get together

On July 1 Cointelegraph reported that in 2020, the number of companies related to cryptocurrency and blockchain in Japan increased by more than 30%. With many of the companies having ties to the country’s popular games. Unfortunately, in Japan. Many forms of gambling continue to be illegal, creating regulatory concerns for developers looking to move to the blockchain.