Crypto Scammers Turn to Terror With a Japanese Bomb Threat

Crypto terrorists were trying to attack a government office on Hokkaido, a Japanese island. They told authorities that if their crypto-ransom was paid they would only disable the suspected explosive device.

The terrorists sent an email to the Numata Town Hall according to FNN saying that they had placed a bomb in a second-floor women’s toilet.  They said the bomb would not be detonated as long as officials fulfilled their payment demands by June 29 before 03:00 UTC.

It does seem to have been a fake threat, though. The deadline set by the perpetrators has passed, and as of press time. The hall remains intact without any further suspicious activity. Authorities said the email arrived on the 20 July week.

Terrorists conducting crypto scams

Locals and people working inside the building claim they have not noticed any suspicious strangers’ movements. It seems to strengthen the theory that the crypto scam was based on a terrorist threat as a means of forcing the government to pay the ransom.

Among other cases of crypto-scam among Japan, the raging pandemic forced the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics.

This has sparked a number of crypto-related scams online including an email from suspected International Olympic Committee representatives. Within those emails, scammers ask unsuspecting victims around the country for Bitcoin (BTC) donations.