UAE Startup Relies on Blockchain to Flatten Covid-19 Curve

The UAE-based startup incubator, in5, helps to develop blockchain-based methods for controlling the COVID-19 pandemic in the country and thereby flatten the curve.

Liber Health, funded by in5, is one of the systems used to identify patients that supports blockchain technology. According to a study published on May 20. They are creating a contactless device that recognizes data from the biometric ID and analyzes suspected symptoms of COVID-19.

Liber Health hopes that they can help individuals apply quarantine measures as soon as possible. By tracking patients who have been in contact with suspected COVID-19 situations.

In order to implement the technology and reduce the number of COVID-19 infections. Liber Health plans to expand conversations with major entities in the public and private sectors, mainly in the UAE.

The platform could save patients’ lives due to diagnostic errors

Syed Abrar Ahmed, CEO of Liber Health, thinks the platform could save “thousands of patient lives lost due to medical errors” due to the lack of auditable data; a statement backed by Dr. Sana Farid, founder, and CEO of the Munfarid consulting company.

In5 the goal is also to use 3D printing and robotics to develop personal protective equipment for medical workers in the country at the front. Their proposed robotics aim at keeping kids engaged at home while developing a contactless biometric identification device.

The managing director of Dubai Media City and in5 lead, Majed Al Suwaidi, said:

“Dubai has always been a hub for talent, and we enable highly-skilled individuals with innovative ideas to thrive across our sector-focused ecosystems. Some of the sharpest minds are now creating potentially life-saving products and services to beat the virus, while others are proactively reaching out to relevant authorities to provide knowledge and expertise.”

Other Blockchain cases used to counter COVID-19

A collaboration between IoT blockchain company Ubirch and Nasdaq-listed Centogene. Aims to build a solution to manage the COVID-19 mass test results securely.

Blockchain-based approaches also used in Latin America to mitigate COVID-19 problems. It is also receiving traction in Colombia to incorporate cryptographic and blockchain solutions.