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Blockchain Charity Platform to Fight Against Coronavirus Epidemic

What could be a better way to support hospitals in central China than doing a charity? Absolutely, none! Recently, something like this has happened. Hyperchain release a press release on 4th Feb. 2020, stating that it has launched a blockchain charity platform to fight against the coronavirus outbreak. It will serve as a medical supply donations portal to support hospitals in central China.

The recent coronavirus outbreak has killed more than 400 people in mainland China. The entire country and Chinese citizens overseas have been mobilized to donate. But doctors are still not getting enough crucial medical supplies. Red Cross China has come under fire for failing at delivering urgent supplies to the front line hospitals.

What’s the Motive behind Creation?

Together with Fuxing Group, Xiongan Group, and other well-known enterprises, Hyperchain has prepared to build a platform to ensure the donation process is immutable, traceable, and reliable. It will be a transparent portal for information exchange and allows donors to see more thoroughly where their funds or donations are going. It will provide proof of need and proof of receipt to ensure that the donations reach immediately to the intended party.

Hyperchain, Hangzhou Qulian Technology Co. Ltd, established in 2016, is a high-tech company that provides technical products and application solutions of blockchain technology. It specializes in developing the underlying blockchain platform, data sharing & security platform, BaaS platform, supply chain finance SaaS platform and digital evidence service platform.

Blockchain Technology is Believed to have a Quantum Leap After the Epidemic

The People’s Daily reported on 4th Feb that the blockchain technology along with the internet, big data and AI are one-of-its-kind applications. The wider implementation of these emerging technologies will improve administrative functions stupendously.

The report says:

The modernization of national governance system and governance capacity inevitably requires the modernization of government governance system and governance capacity. The modernization of the government governance system and governance capacity requires the improvement of the national administrative system.

However, censorship and lack of transparency have been one of the most debated issues during the epidemic outbreak. This has been a wake-up call as to the need for a more transparent and credible mechanism-based society.

So, what do you guys think of this blockchain-based charity platform? Will it succeed in its intention? Will more countries should have their eyeballs on this innovative thinking? Do let us know in the comment section!