bitcoin donation over lightning network

Tor Accepts Bitcoin Donations Over Lightning Network

Bitcoin donations over Lightning Network? Does anybody think about this? No! But the Tor Project does! Tor project is a non-profit organization. It operates an anonymous network called Tor.  Recently, the organization accepts that it will receive bitcoin donations over the lightning network on behalf of The Giving Block. The Giving Block is a crypto-for-charity organization and starts the fundraising initiative to support the needy. However, which is the best place to make such an initiative go without any issue. This remains a tough question. But Tor smartly answers it.

Tor recommends the BottlePay Wallet for bitcoin donations. Why? Because BottlePay Wallet permits users to search Tor inside. It permits to send the donations easily without letting users copy and paste the address elsewhere. The Lightning Network is a 2-layer payment protocol for the bitcoin network. And, it aims to expedite payments. Also, it helps to address the network’s scalability problem.

Bitcoin Donations Over Lightning Network Supports Fiat Currencies As Well

On the other hand, the network also allows public donations through a tweet. The best part is BottlePay Wallet permits users to directly send bitcoins. In addition, the wallet automatically converts fiat currencies for donations. Some of the fiat currencies the wallet supports are:

  • United States Dollars
  • Euros
  • Pounds
  • Australian Dollars
  • Brazilian Reals
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Swiss Francs and 15 more fiat currencies

Isn’t it a good way to promote fundraising initiatives? We think it is!

A lot of U.S. Government agencies have financed to develop the Tor Network. They also financed its parent technology Onion routing. Onion routing was first funded by the U.S. Office of Naval Research in the year 1995. Despite continuous support from the government organizations, the technology got widely used in the dark web for illicit services and activities.

However, the network finds its way to get used by political dissidents living in oppressive regions. Similarly, whistleblowers also use the network to disclose wrongdoings of the government being anonymous.

Though the Tor network is frequently used to ensure privacy both in Cryptocurrency transactions and communications, the users still getting hacked. People who rely on this network’s efficacy are frequently targeted by hackers. A lot of cases have come into viewpoint. For example, a report comes in mid-October which describes one of the most trusted antivirus suppliers ESET has discovered a trojan infected Tor browser designed to steal bitcoin from buyers in the darknet.

In conclusion, we can say that bitcoin transactions over the lightning network do include potential threats. But we want to know what you guys think about this! Do let us know in the comment section!

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