Kraken Future Trading App Now Available on Android & iOS

The Kraken Future Trading App is all set to hit mobile users. Developed by the San Francisco based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, it is well-popular to provide cryptocurrency to fiat trading.  Understanding digital assets may seem confusing, but Kraken is here to help every newcomer in the cryptocurrency world.

Kraken Future was first available for desktop users. However, it is now eyeing to help every android and iOS user. Providing world-class financial stability, maintaining healthy banking relationships, and offering the highest standards of legal compliance have helped Kraken to be the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange on the market.

Kraken Future Trading App: Offering New Opportunities to Future Trading

The official announcement of the launch of its mobile version releases on 21st November. But the thought was put into practice earlier this year. Earlier it was only available for web browsers. However, the firm claims that you no longer have to rush home to put an order or close out a position. The mobile version of Kraken Future will allow doing the same from anywhere and at any time.

Features Included

  • You can easily sign-in to your account with a QR code
  • See the Live orderbook and price chart
  • Initiate advanced order types
  • Manage open positions and orders
  • View your account history and activity

Kraken Futures is a professional trading platform for derivatives on digital assets. In other words, it’s a platform where traders can long and short digital assets with 50X leverage. Moreover, it offers seamless transfers between spot and futures markets. Above all, the Kraken Future Trading App will pay out a 30% revenue share of net fees to its active traders every week.

Why Global Traders Accept Trading on Kraken Futures?

  • 30% of fees paid back to traders
  • Receive unfilled liquidations at a favorable price
  • Liquidation methodology saves millions for clients
  • A low latency high throughput platform
  • Transfers collateral between futures and spot seamlessly
  • Enabling fair and transparent crypto trading

In addition, Kraken Futures now has WebSockets Private Application Program Interface (API) that had gone live to all of its clients after in beta mode.

So, enjoy all your trading with Kraken Futures now in the palm of your hand!